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Suppose you need to pick up your passport or ID document from an agency or government office, but you are not available to collect it by yourself. In this case, you can choose to assign the task for collecting the passport to someone whom you trust, like a family member. However, keep in mind authorities or the organization might not be willing to easily hand over your important ID papers to someone else. It's therefore important to write a professional authorization request letter.

How do I write an authorization letter to get a passport?

Below are mentioned some useful suggestions and best practices in case you want to write a personalized authorization letter. Follow the points to make an effective authorization letter:

  1. Choose a subject that sums up your whole letter in one or two sentences. Remember that subject is the most important part of your letter you must choose it with great care. For example Authorization Letter To Collect Passport of {{Name}};
  2. Start your letter by clearly mentioning your full passport name and other contact details such as email address, contact number, and mention the corresponding date as well.
  3. Clearly state the purpose i.e. what things are being authorized and clearly mention the details of the person/company whom you are authorizing to perform a specific task, in this case, the assignment of usage of a trademark for a certain amount of time. 
  4. End your letter by putting your real handwritten signature with your full name in printing and make sure it corresponds with previously provided signatures that might already be registered there.
  5. Furthermore, in some countries, you should also include your organization's name with an official stamp so that your letter will not be questioned.
  6. Choose wise and formal words, and they clearly convey the message that you want to deliver and carefully reread your letter and remove the errors if any found. 

Sample sentences for an Authorization Letter To Collect Passport:


  • Dear Sir/Madam {{Name}}
  • To Whom It May Concern


  • I, {{Formal Name Passport holder}}, authorize {{Company/Receiver’s name}} and their appointed personnel/agents to transport the relevant legal documents, that are necessary to acquire a passport for myself.
  • I hereby grant authorization to {{Company/Receiver’s name}} to act as my agents and fulfill the necessary obligations, on my behalf in the passport process.
  • To support my claim, I have appended two of my Identity cards, respectively; ie COMPANY ID];PASSPORT ID].
  • I grant {{Company/Receiver’s name}} the authority to obtain my passport.
  • I comprehend that, {{Company/Receiver’s name}} will not be in any way, responsible for any hindrance caused during shipping and processing.
  • I hereby give my written authorization to {{Receiver’s name}}, identified by {{Identification}} to collect the {{Passport}} of: {{Formal Name Passport holder}} that was issued on {{Date}} from your {{Issuer’s name}} and to sign the necessary collection documents.
  • I grant {{Company/Receiver’s name}} the authority to obtain my passport.
  • Should you have any questions about the identity of the person bearing this letter, you can always call me at [PHONE NR], which is also reflected on my ID’s.


  • Thank you and I am hoping for your smooth cooperation.
  • Thanking you,
  • Yours sincerely,
  • {{Signature}}

Downloading this sample authorization letter to collect passport on my behalf is only one click away.

Depending on the type of documents (degree of privacy required), you could use a specific template. If the documents have confidential content, it’s best you make a customized Authorization letter. This way, you can quickly modify the text and make it a personal authorization document collection letter. If you are looking for another type of Authorization Letter, check out these:

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