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Authorization Letter Format Sample Template Example In Word

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A letter of authorization giving permission can be written in a hardcopy letter or document to confirms a person’s authority, rank, or ability to perform or enter a legal binding contract, spend a specified sum, take a specific action or delegate their powers or duties. This means that the person mentioned in the letter, and also holds this letter in person, is able to act on behalf of the other party. This can be convenient when you are unable or unavailable to do the task by yourself.

How to write an authorization letter on behalf of someone else?

An easy way to start writing such a letter is by using a good example document. If you want to avoid errors and typos and make a professional impression on the recipient, then we suggest you download the authorization letter sample which is directly available on our website. For example this Letter of Authorisation, which is written to give permission to another person in charge. Feel free to download our templates or copy it.

If this is what you are looking for, and you are sure you will not be available and you require somebody else to assist you with your legal issues, financial matters, or health directives. Such a letter needs to be written properly, in order to be sure you will accomplish the task successfully.

We hope this is the letter you are looking for. Download the sample letter of authorization giving permission template directly from our website. Given that an authorization letter is used for various reasons. If it's not exactly the right content, please have a look in our portfolio, we provide many kinds of authorization letters for your reference.

Other Authorization letter samples:

Example Content

Select, copy, and paste the content below or use the button to instantly copy the template to your clipboard. From there you can easily paste the content in your e-mail or for example your Word or Google document.

To whom it may concern,

We the undersigned, hereby authorize the name of the authorized person as per ID/Passport to act on our behalf in all manners relating to the application for authorization, including signing, activation/deactivation of all services relating to the account with our organization.

Any acts carried out by name of the authorized person as per ID/Passport on our behalf shall have the same effect as acts of our own.

This authorization is valid until further written notice from the organization. Enclosed are the 2 certified copies of Form 49 which are required to complete the registration process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an authorization letter?

A letter of authorization is a letter given to the recipient as proof that he/she is allowed to perform an action on someone else's behalf.

When is an letter of authorization often needed?

An authorization letter often in created when someone can't or is unwilling to partake certain things by themselves, thereby choosing to delegate the task to someone else.

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