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Since a project is basically a piece of planned work that has to be completed over a period of time and intended to achieve a particular aim, working with a structured approach, to optimize use of resources in order to achieve the goals is important. When an organization is working on various projects, and every project is unique, multiple teams can be made to achieve higher levels of consistency in processes and to meet deadlines effectively and efficiently. In the initial stage of a project, it's common to write a proposal and therefore it's useful to have a checklist available to see if you included all important topics.

What do you need for a Project Proposal?

A proposal should over all the important activities to succesfully deliver a project. Make sure the proposal has a clear beginning and an end. There can be different types of project proposals. The term Proposal in Project Management, refers to a document that identifies the strategy, tactics and operational activities to do the project and how to achieve the project goals. A Proposal for example could include the following:

General Items

  • Complete (referred Documents / drawings not missing)
  • Acknowledgement to submit proposal sent (if required by Client)
  • Queries raised (within prescribed time) / replies accounted for
  • Extension in proposal submission date (within prescribed time) if required.
  • Competitors knowledge / project allocation
  • Inquiry Synopsis completed before Kickoff Meeting
  • Proposal preparation schedule
  • Proposal Strategy prepared and discussed with HPD/CE

Meetings / Site Visits

  • Site Visit / meetings with client required for proposal prep / Undertaken
  • Kickoff meeting done
  • Review meeting done
  • Sample / Draft of proposal circulated among Les

Engineering Cost Estimates

  • Documents listed (Deliverables and Non-Deliverables)
  • Technical Man-hours (based on Std. Mhs application, or deviation)
  • Management & Coordination / Non tech man-hours
  • Site Visits / Meetings (Data Collection, etc.)
  • Subcontracts (Advisory Services, survey, etc.)
  • Standards required by Client (cost, qty)
  • Tel & Fax charges / Courier charge
  • Printing / Plotting / Copying
  • Software / Hardware if any special
  • Taxes + Duties
  • Insurance / Performance Bonds / Guarantees, Bid Bond / Other pre-requisites (registrations etc.)
  • Proposal preparation MH

Proposal Write-up (Technical)

  • Proposal write-up consistent with Client's terminology, sequence and requirement of ITB
  • Compliance with ITB requirement
  • Job Objective & Definitions
  • JDL and Client Responsibilities
  • Basis and Assumptions
  • Exclusions
  • Codes & Standards and Software
  • Project Execution Methodology and Project Duration
  • Deliverable Quantity
  • Attachments
  • Formatting

Proposal Write-up (Commercial)

  • Price lump-sum or reimbursable
  • Payment Currency (as required by Client)
  • Payment terms for lump-sum or reimbursable Price
  • Change Order
  • Conditions of Contract reviewed / incorporated in proposal (if received from Client)
  • Validity
  • Attachments
  • Formatting

In general, a Project Manager (PM) is responsible for writing the proposal, or is heavily involved in incorporating the right knowledge. While drafting a proposal, it's important to ensure the deliverables, which are expected to be on time, according to budgeted resources, quality requirements and within scope.

Download this Proposal Checklist template to log internal and external issues for your benefit. For more information about the most important Project Management documentation, check out this Project Management Kit and a useful free Project Plan.

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