Digital Download

After your purchase you will see a new download page with a link to your file.Downloads are available once your payment is confirmed successfully

If you paid with PayPal or a credit card on
confirmation might take a few minutes. We will also send you a download notification email separate from any transaction notification emails you receive from BizzLibrary and/or PayPal. This email will also include a link that enables you to download the file. If you did not receive any email from us within 1 hour, please contact us.

If you can not find the download notification email.
First, check your spam or junk inbox. If you use Gmail, also check your Social and Promotions tabs. If it’s not there, add [email protected] to your address book or safe list and contact us. We will manual send you the download link again.

If your payment is still processing
We will send you an email with the download link after your payment was approved. If you did not receive any email from us within 1 hour, please contact us.

I’m having trouble downloading my files.
If nothing happens when you click the download links, it’s possible that there’s an issue with your web browser. Please disable any non-standard add-ons or toolbars that you’ve installed and try again.If your computer states that the file has been corrupted, delete the file and try downloading it again. If you still can't open the file, please contact us, we will help you.

Monitoring Download
Our system monitors all downloads. In case you ordered a premium download, the moment you download the file successfully, we do no accept any returns, exchanges, or cancellations. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order or with file.

Still have questions?

If you continue to have trouble or still have questions, please contact us for further assistance for check our question and answer forum at Tawk. We are here to help you with your document challenges. Your success is our success!