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Project management documents should include:

Project documents include project charters, statements of work, contracts, requirements documents, stakeholder registers, change control registers, activity checklists, quality metrics, risk registers, issue logs, and other similar documents. These may not be included in the project management plan, but they are an integral part of the project. With few exceptions such as Bylaws, Contracts and Specifications (SOW), the rest of the documents are used by the project manager for their own purposes. They may or may not be displayed to the project sponsor. The sponsor will review and approve the project management plan.

  • Project Handbook example document template

    Project Handbook

    How do I create a project management handbook? Download this Project Management Handbook as a part of your project proposal, explaining the 5 project phases.

  • Change Request Log example document template

    Change Request Log

    What information must be included in the change request log? Download this Change Request Log template now for your reference.

  • Proposal Checklist example document template

    Proposal Checklist

    What do you need for a proposal? Download this Project Proposal Checklist template for your reference.

  • Importance of project management documents.

    Project management documents are an important part of project management. They help keep projects moving, keep stakeholders informed, and help project managers complete projects with minimal effort. Using these project management documents can improve the overall quality of the project.

  • Project Rework Analysis Record example document template

    Project Rework Analysis Record

    How to perform Rework Analysis in Business Processes or Projects? Download this Project Rework Analysis Record template now for your reference.

  • Project Closure Notification example document template

    Project Closure Notification

    How do you write a project closing notification? For your reference you may download this sample Project Closure Notification template.

  • Project Closeout Report example document template

    Project Closeout Report

    How do you write a project closing report? Download this Project Closeout Report template for your reference.

  • Considerations when creating project management documents.

    Track documentation throughout project creation. You should pay close attention to where your project is in the process and make sure the relevant documents are ready on time. These documents can be written using a variety of different tools, such as Word, Excel, Google Docs or Sheets, PowerPoint, etc. Choose the document type that best suits the process at hand. For example, risk and issue logs are best presented as spreadsheets, so Excel would be the best tool for this task. By preparing these documents in advance, you don't have to rush them. Worth the time to organize here. Give yourself a lot of freedom when creating documents to make them reliable, thorough, and high-quality.

  • Project Feedback example document template

    Project Feedback

    How do you write a project feedback? Have a look at this Project Feedback template now for your reference.

  • Project Cost Analysis Excel example document template

    Project Cost Analysis Excel

    How do you do project cost analysis? Download this sample Project Cost Analysis Excel template now for your reference.

  • Project Assessment Audit Checklist example document template

    Project Assessment Audit Checklist

    How do you write a checklist for an audit? Download this Project Assessment Audit Checklist template now for your reference.

  • Lessons Learned Register example document template

    Lessons Learned Register

    How do you create a lesson learned register? Download this Lessons Learned Register template now for your reference.