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Determining the project scope.

For example, if the project is installing new PM software for members of the sales team, scoping the project means asking yourself and relevant stakeholders questions such as the sales team? Does it include repair services? Does it include onboarding for each team?

  • Project Handbook example document template

    Project Handbook

    How do I create a project management handbook? Download this Project Management Handbook as a part of your project proposal, explaining the 5 project phases.

  • Change Request Log example document template

    Change Request Log

    What information must be included in the change request log? Download this Change Request Log template now for your reference.

  • Proposal Checklist example document template

    Proposal Checklist

    What do you need for a proposal? Download this Project Proposal Checklist template for your reference.

  • Planning the project.

    Project planning starts with a good project plan document. Follow these planning steps to ensure your project plan addresses all aspects of the project. That way, you're less likely to encounter surprises you didn't plan for.

  • Project Rework Analysis Record example document template

    Project Rework Analysis Record

    How to perform Rework Analysis in Business Processes or Projects? Download this Project Rework Analysis Record template now for your reference.

  • Project Closure Notification example document template

    Project Closure Notification

    How do you write a project closing notification? For your reference you may download this sample Project Closure Notification template.

  • Project Closeout Report example document template

    Project Closeout Report

    How do you write a project closing report? Download this Project Closeout Report template for your reference.

  • Executing the project.

    During the project execution phase, the team develops and completes the deliverables. This phase begins with a kickoff meeting, features the onset of status reports and updates, and progresses to performance and monitoring as the project progresses.

  • Project Feedback example document template

    Project Feedback

    How do you write a project feedback? Have a look at this Project Feedback template now for your reference.

  • Project Cost Analysis Excel example document template

    Project Cost Analysis Excel

    How do you do project cost analysis? Download this sample Project Cost Analysis Excel template now for your reference.

  • Project Assessment Audit Checklist example document template

    Project Assessment Audit Checklist

    How do you write a checklist for an audit? Download this Project Assessment Audit Checklist template now for your reference.

  • Lessons Learned Register example document template

    Lessons Learned Register

    How do you create a lesson learned register? Download this Lessons Learned Register template now for your reference.