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What are the KPIs in Project Management? Project KPI No matter how big or small, any project can benefit from a basic Key performance indicators dashboard.
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No matter how big or small, any project can benefit from a basic Key performance indicators dashboard. Since a project is basically a piece of planned work that has to be completed over a period of time and intended to achieve a particular aim, working with a structured approach, to optimize use of resources in order to achieve the goals is important.

What are the KPIs in project management?

In general, a Project Manager (PM) is responsible for planning, organizing, and managing the completion of specific projects while ensuring the deliverables and project completion are on time, according to budgeted resources, quality requirements and within scope. The Key performance indicators (KPIs) and the KPI dashboard are useful in project management, since they consist of various specific measurement tools for indicating how well teams are achieving specific goals. Project management KPIs are generally agreed upon early in the project.

The Project Manager, board and other stakeholders of an organization are all well aware of the importance of decent KPI dashboard. Working with KPI's will make a project manageable and ensures the work will be done effectively and efficiently, within the given time, according the quality required and with the resources available. Any project can benefit from using professional KPI Dashboard templates.

Download this Project Management KPI template. For more information about the most important Project Management documentation, check out this Project Management Kit with Project Templates and a free Project Planner. They can be used for any kind of project, and provide intuitive ways to manage your project team.

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