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Appreciative resignation letter

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A popular Dutch saying goes as follows "There is a time of arriving and a time of leaving". There are many occasions this can be used, and it's also often used to announce one’s departure without having to go into detail. When it's time for you to leave your job, you need to follow a couple of important steps.

How to write a Resignation letter?

Whatever the circumstances of your departure, this Resignation letter can help you draft a polite and appropriate resignation letter. In general, a resignation letter should be a short letter, formally notifying your boss that you are leaving your job and the company. Such a resignation letter can help you keep up a positive association with your company and boss by leaving them with a solid and positive last impression, while likewise preparing for you to proceed onward. 

Many employers expect employees to provide a two week's notice when they are about to quit, so if you need to resign without notice, you should be aware of how to do so professionally to avoid some potential consequences. For example, your employer may refuse to write a reference letter for you, or they may even bring up your sudden departure when other employers contact them about jobs you apply for in the future.

Often candidates are unsure of how to provide proper notice when resigning from their current employer. Stay classy and use this sample as your next resignation letter. If you want to send a proper Resignation letter to your company, we recommend you to check out this Resignation letter template. This Resignation letter will capture your receiver's attention for sure!

Please consider that it might cause some stress for an employer who needs to find a replacement. Therefore, it's important to give the notice in time (especially check with your contract), perhaps two or four weeks in advance, which is often an accepted minimum period of time.

In order to avoid these situations when you resign, you have a few options on how to proceed:

  1. Firstly, go through your employment contract. Find out what your employment contract says about what your company considers a sufficient notice period;
  2. Talk to a colleague or human resources representative about your options;
  3. Choose the option that works best for you;
  4. Make sure they understand that they cannot discuss your resignation with anyone else until you've informed your employer by yourself;
  5. Talk to someone from your new job to see if you can have a longer notice period;
  6. The new company may offer to pay your notice period if your employer files a claim, or they could offer another form of compensation;
  7. Discuss it with your employer and explain your situation;
  8. Be honest about your departure and remain professional when stating your reasons for leaving.

When writing a resignation letter, keep the following in mind:

  • Clearly announce your resignatoion request in an introduction;
  • Communicate your final date of employment;
  • Offer a reason for your leave;
  • Offer to help train colleagues or otherwise ease the transition;
  • Give thanks for the opportunity and include a polite ending;
  • Include your signature at the end.
Example of an Appreciative resignation letter:

Dear Manager,

It is with mixed feelings that I write to you this letter.

I was lucky to be able to work with you and your wonderful team for the past {{number}} years; and even though we had our ups and downs I will always be grateful for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful organization. 

Regretfully I will not be able to do so anymore. I hereby kindly ask you to accept my resignation from {{company name}} effective date.

{{You may want to mention the reason for your decision as well}}.

I have gained so much experience and I've learned a lot. I appreciate and cherish every moment I spent here and truly wish I could stay longer, but I'm confident that you will understand the reasons leading to my decision.

I wish you and your team the best of luck and success in the future. Though I won't physically be with you, my heart will always be.

Yours sincerely,


Download this sample resignation letter now for your reference. Good luck with the next step in your life!

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