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Request letter for new ATM card

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Banks are an important provider for financial services in everyone's life. If you are a company or an individual, you will often use their services. Sometimes you must interact with the bank for your needs. Which required you to write a letter to the bank related to your bank issue. We have got these professional applications written for you which you can use now after a few edits.

How can I write a letter to bank manager for new ATM card?

Nowadays, debit or ATM cards have become an absolute necessity in everyone's life. It is in most parts of the world still an important medium to withdrawal money from your bank account. ATM is required for transacting money out of your bank in day to day routine. Besides that, it can be used for example for mobile recharge, various bills, travel tickets, and so on. ATM has a huge advantage in that you will not have to travel all the way to your bank for transaction purposes. Hence, it is very much important to keep it safe. However, due to unavoidable circumstances like theft or while traveling, the ATM card may be damaged, replaced, stolen, or get lost. You can take your money out anywhere you are from the nearest bank ATM. But, if you do not hold any ATM card, you must write a professional letter to the bank for dealing with your amount in the bank. 

Under these circumstances, it is of utmost importance that the bank is informed about the loss or damaged status of the ATM. It is better to write a letter of notification to the Bank Manager regarding theft/loss/damage of the ATM card of the Bank and blocking the card, if necessary. Also, sometimes some sad situations like Lost of an ATM card may happen. For such unlucky events, you also may require contacting the bank professionally by writing a letter to the bank. Thus, for such purpose, you need to write a letter to the manager of the bank about the issuing of a second ATM card. We will provide you these letter formats for free which you can use directly after certain changes according to your personal information. We provide here several professionally written letters to you regarding bank account and associated terms. These terms may include applications for closing a bank account or adding a beneficiary to the account for sharing purposes. For example when you need to change from the bank due to better services, better fees, and charges by other banks, higher interest rates in an existing bank account, poor customer service, lack of value-added services and smart services, moving to another location, lack of ATMs or branches nearby, etc. If you recognize yourself in all those situations, we are sure you can find the right letter on our website.

Since the bank is a highly well-operated organization and each bank has its own rules related to customers seeking for bank approach, so there is a strict need for Bank letters which are written professionally. We offer you these letters for your ease and comfort so that your time does not get wasted in writing these difficult letters. You can easily download these letters from our website and use them according to your related contexts.

Below are written some sample bank letters:

  • With all my due respect I would like to tell you that I have lost my wallet on the bus yesterday, there was my ID card, ATM card along with some cash. 
  •  I hold a savings account in your [Bank name, Branch name] for the last 2 years.
  • My account number is [Account number]
  • I was also issued an ATM card linking to the savings account. The number of the card is [Card number].
  • With regret; I would like to bring to your information that the ATM card got damaged as I met with an unfortunate accident on [Date].
  • It is in this context that I request you to kindly provide me with a new ATM card at the earliest. I have also attached a duly filled in application for an ATM card along with proper address proof.
  • I request you to issue me a new ATM card on an urgent basis as my job is related to traveling and I cannot carry cash with me at least after this unfortunate incident.
  • I need it on an urgent basis so a quick response would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  • This is for your kind information and necessary action. Thanking you in anticipation.

You may consider those sentences when you are informing your Bank Manager by sending him a formal notification that you are issuing a new ATM card. Moreover, important information like account number, ATM card number, etc is to be kept ready by the side for completing the letter.

If this request template is not what you were looking for, a good review is all we need if you like this letter, you can always head on to our website to search and download the letters which you are concerned about.

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