suntrust personal accounts fee schedule: account balance, checking accounts & more template

SunTrust Personal Accounts Fee Schedule: Account Balance, Checking Accounts & More

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If you are a SunTrust account holder and want to have a clear understanding of the fees associated with your personal accounts, you've come to the right place. At, we provide a comprehensive Personal Accounts Fee Schedule template in DOCX format that will help you stay informed about the fees and charges associated with your SunTrust accounts.

Importance of Knowing Personal Account Fees

Understanding the fees and charges associated with your personal accounts is crucial as it allows you to keep track of your finances and make informed decisions regarding your banking activities. By having access to a complete Personal Accounts Fee Schedule, you can assess how different transactions or services may impact your account balance.

What Does the Personal Accounts Fee Schedule Include?

The Personal Accounts Fee Schedule provides a detailed breakdown of the fees that you may encounter when using your SunTrust personal accounts, such as checking accounts. Here are some key features you can expect to find:

  1. Account Fees: The fee schedule provides information on monthly maintenance fees or account service charges applicable to different types of personal accounts.
  2. Transaction Fees: It outlines the fees associated with specific transactions, such as wire transfers, overdrafts, ATM usage, and more. Understanding these fees can help you avoid unnecessary costs.
  3. Overdraft and Insufficient Funds Fees: The fee schedule highlights the fees that may occur if your account balance falls below a certain limit or if you try to make a transaction that exceeds your available funds. This section also provides guidance on avoiding these fees.
  4. Other Fees: The fee schedule may include miscellaneous fees, such as stop payment fees, check printing fees, or account closing fees, that you should be aware of.

Download Your Personal Accounts Fee Schedule

Stay informed and take control of your banking expenses by downloading our Personal Accounts Fee Schedule template in DOCX format. Simply visit and find the template that suits your needs. It is an invaluable resource for all SunTrust account holders, helping you to manage your finances with confidence and make informed decisions about your banking activities.

Remember, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to your personal accounts. Stay ahead of the game by accessing the tools and resources available at Take the next step towards financial empowerment and download our Personal Accounts Fee Schedule today!

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