announcement of leaving employee letter  template

Announcement of leaving employee letter

We certainly encourage you to download this announcement of leaving the employee template now. Use it to your advantage, which will save you time and effort

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Traditionally, leaving announcement letters were sent by employers, and used to announce a person from the company left, and was sent to the staff, customers, or other relationships that were an important contact for the person that left the company. 

How to send an announcement of leaving for an employee?

Nowadays the corporate working environment has changed a lot. For the announcement of a recently departed employee, internal memos, announcement letters, but mainly e-mails are rather common. These messages contain relevant information in the context of the departure, for instance, the employees' name and the date that he or she left. This letter should never have to mention an unpleasant experience, especially if they were the reason for the left of the employee. Good employees not only welcome their employees with a good wish but also goodbye them in a courteous manner.

However, if the employee that left, has bad intentions and tries to abuse the network that was the build-up, it's important to make a statement the company is not responsible for further communication between the person that left and them. This will provide them sufficient feedback, which will make them think twice if they are approached again by the ex-employee to do business.

Below you can find a sample of our letter: We would like to inform you that one of our employees will no longer be working with us. The replacing employee will be announced shortly and will take over all the duties.

This easily customizable template can be used for any kind of similar situation. It's very brief and it supports you by providing a basic example employee leaving the announcement template, which will save you time and effort and help you if you are dealing with the same, or a similar, situation.

We certainly encourage you to download this announcement of leaving the employee template now and to use it to your advantage! Please have a look at it and you might even discover this template has a slightly different perspective and can be very helpful.

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