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A Letter of Authority (LOA) allows a person to authorise someone else to act on their behalf within agreed limits. The letter is written when you allow some other person to interfere in your dealings and matters. For example, if you allow your wife to withdraw the money and look after all your bank dealings then it means that you are authorizing your wife to deal with your bank affairs. Authorizing means you are providing the authority to some other trustable person. When you decide to allow someone else to be responsible for your matters, then to make this decision official, you must write a letter of authority. This letter is written to the relevant organization for information purposes. This context contains the information to write the authorization letter. 

How to write a letter of authorization?

Letter of authorization is required by the authorities of the relevant organization in which you are allowing some other person to interfere in your matters. Below written guidelines include tips to write a letter of authorization:

  1. The first step to do while writing an official letter is to look for a professional-looking template. Choose a letter template that has a better visuality and proper sectioning. 
  2. Start by writing the subject and the address and name of the recipient. 
  3. Write whatever service you are taking from the respective organization.
  4. Letter body contains your purpose of writing the letter which in this case is to authorize some other person for some high duty and responsible task.
  5. Mention the name of the person and the reason for this authority.
  6. Write the other necessary details if you want to mention them for elaboration.
  7. End the letter with an appropriate greeting. 
  8. Provide your contact details for further processing. 

Other Letter of Authority templates:

These are some simple tricks that you can follow to write an authorization letter. we are sure that if you follow these guidelines then you can turn out a great authorization letter on yourself. 

Sample Letter of Authority:

In busy lives, some people might find it hard to write a complete letter on their own. That is why we are providing you a sample authorization letter which you can directly use after certain edits. Below is attached a sample authorization letter to collect:

Dear Sir/Madam {{Name}},

I, {{Your Name}}, hereby give {{Appointed Representative}} permission to act on my behalf with regards to making all {{topic related}} decisions. The scope {{Scope of Duties and Responsibilities}} of this letter of authorization includes handling {{topic related}} transactions, documents and client affairs.

This letter of authorization will be in effect from {{Start Date}}, to {{End Date}}. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at {{Your Contact Information}}.

{{Notary or Witness if Required}}Listed below are the collector’s name and identity proof details for your reference and verification process.

Collector’s Name: {{Name}}

Collector’s Identity Type: {{Passport}}

Collector’s Identity Number: {{ID number}}

Collector’s Signature:

Yours sincerely,


Download this authorization letter to collect and use it to your advantage. This sample letter is ready to be printed and submitted to the organization after a few edits as per your requirements. we are always up for your feedback and suggestions. Provide your ideas and valuable feedback in the comments below. Head towards our website to get some useful content. 

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