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Add Name Bank Account Request

Are you in search of a joint bank account authorization letter? Download this bank letter right now. It's ready to use after a few changes.

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Banks are the ultimate needs of every other earning person. Sometimes you must interact with the bank for your needs. Which required you to write a letter to the bank related to your bank issue. We have got these professional applications written for you which you can use now after a few edits.

How do I write a letter to add a name for a joint bank account?

On some occasions, when it becomes impossible for you to withdraw your money for the household requirements due to foreign travel or due to illness. On such occasions, there is an absolute need of adding a name to your bank account that can perform the same actions with your bank equally as much as you are eligible. For such purpose, you need to write an application to the bank informing the authorities about your decision and then the bank will take further actions in that regard. Writing such a letter may be hectic for you. 

The usage of the Bank and ATM card is the most urgent need of an earning person. ATM is required for transacting money out of your bank in day to day routine. ATM has a huge advantage in that you will not have to travel all the way to your bank for transaction purposes. You can take your money out anywhere you are from the nearest bank ATM. But, if you do not hold any ATM card, you must write a professional letter to the bank for dealing with your amount in the bank. Also, sometimes some sad situations like Lost of an ATM card may happen. For such unlucky events, you also may require contacting the bank professionally by writing a letter to the bank.

Thus, for such purpose, you need to write a letter to the manager of the bank about the issuing of a second ATM card. We will provide you these letter formats for free which you can use directly after certain changes according to your personal information.

Adding a Name in the bank account

Please find below a letter for the inclusion of the name bank letter sample. A sample of such a letter is provided below:

Dear Sir, Madam, 

I wish to apply for getting my bank account shared with my husband. I am a regular user of your bank through my bank account and have always complied with its terms and conditions. For some unavoidable circumstances, I may not be available in the country for a few months and in my absence, my family will make transactions on my behalf. In this situation, I authorize her to use my account without any restriction. I request you to give my husband {{Name}} complete access to my bank account. If you have any questions, please contact me on {{Phone number}}. Hoping for a positive response from your side.

Thank you for your assistance. 

Download this Add Name Bank Account Request as a Word file directly to your drive. If the letter didn’t suit your conditions, you can always head on to our website to search and download the letters your concerned about.

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