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What is the example of a simile and how does it work? This examples can be easily downloaded in any of the available file formats in any operating system.

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The definition of simile is a figure of speech comparing two unlike things using the word "like" or "as". The main purpose of simile is to spark an interesting connection in the reader or listener's mind.

What is the example of a simile and how does it work?

Similes often use hyperbole, and exaggeration for emphasis, in this simile example " He ran as fast as lightning" the writer isn't suggesting that the subject is actually fast as lightning, but is using the hyperbolic simile to make the comparison and craft a compelling description. These are how similes were written:Similes and metaphors are often puzzled by one another. The main difference between a simile and a metaphor is that simile uses the words "like or "as" to draw a comparison and the metaphor simply states the comparison without using "like or "as".

Sample unique Similes:
Below is provided a sample worksheet. You can download it and use it after making changes as per your requirements and criteria. We are not only providing you tips, but also a sample cover letter that you can use after certain edits. Here is a sample letter for your guidance:

Simile Examples Below are some simple examples that you might have heard of before:
Examples of Similes:
  • Using “As” She was as sly as a fox. That knife is as sharp as a razor.
  • He's as sick as a dog.
  • It was as big as an elephant.
  • He is as bright as a button.
  • She's as cold as ice.
  • It's as tough as an old boot.
  • He's as good as gold.
  • As black as coal, His face became as black as coal after being criticized.
  • As blind as a bat, My uncle is as blind as a bat without his spectacles.
  • As cool as a cucumber, while all of us were panicking just before the declaration of the results, Name was as cool as a cucumber.
  • As brave as a lion, Example: While fighting the war, the soldier was as brave as a lion. Cunning like a fox, Example: Don’t trust his words, he is cunning like a fox.
  • As cold as ice, Example: The expression on her face was as cold as ice.
  • As busy as a bee, Example: My wife is as busy as a bee in the mornings.
  • As clean as a whistle, Example: The maid has done a good job, the hall is as clean as a whistle
  • As soft as velvet, Example: I just love my new blanket, it is as soft as velvet!

Download this similes writing practice worksheet and tutorial for free from our website. Make some changes to the similes, if you have a better example. The file is available in Microsoft Word format. If you like this letter, please give us a big thumbs up. Your valuable feedback matters a lot to us. Head towards our website for some useful content.

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