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How do you teach writing metaphors in fun way? This examples can be easily downloaded in any of the available file formats in any operating system.

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The definition of metaphor is a figure of speech in which a work literally designate one kind of object or idea is used in place of another to suggest a likeness or analogy between them.

What are great metaphors?

These are some tips and suggestions for writing metaphors in a fun way:
  • Drawing metaphors, give them a few metaphors and similes then have them draw pictures of each and also tell them to draw a picture of the metaphors in one color and similes in a different color.
  • Reading books to them that is full of similes and metaphors and playing some games to them, like a "beep sound when they hear a simile and "buzz" on the metaphor.
  • Give them word banks with lots of words, then let them find the words that are relevant to their age level.
  • A fun activity is to let them make up a story using metaphors, give them a set number of each that must appear in the story, and let them go to work.

Sample metaphor practice writing:Below is provided a sample worksheet. You can download it and use it after making changes as per your requirements and criteria. We are not only providing you tips, but also a sample cover letter that you can use after certain edits. Here is a sample letter for your guidance:
  • Fill in the blanks to complete the metaphor
  • Freedom is a summer day.
  • Freedom is Love,
  • Happiness is Wonder,
  • Beauty is Peace,
  • Winter is War
  • Death is Hate,
  • Sadness is Spring,
  • Kindness is Autumn,
  • Anger is Fear.
Now that you have completed the above metaphors, share them with a partner. Then, select three of your favorites and develop them into extended metaphors of five to seven sentences each.

Download this sample metaphor writing practice for kids free from our website. Make some changes to the document available in Microsoft Word format. If you like this letter, please give us a big thumbs up. Your valuable feedback matters a lot to us. Head towards our website for some useful content.

Check these files if you also need Metaphor examples or Simile examples.

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Great metaphors

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These are useful metaphors

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