employee resignation letter due to pregnancy template

Employee Resignation Letter Due to Pregnancy

What should I include in a resignation letter for pregnancy reasons? We have made this resignation announcement available in Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

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In a resignation letter, you inform your employer that you will no longer be working for the company. Whether it's an e-mail or a letter, it formalizes your termination as an employee.

What should I include in a resignation letter for pregnancy reasons?

Writing a pregnancy resignation letter:
  • A letter stating your intention to leave your current position.
  • Describe the position that you hold as a member of staff.
  • You should note the date that you left the company.
  • Your employer deserves your gratitude for hiring you.
  • Your favorite memory from there (optional)
  • You are being offered the opportunity to train your replacement

The following is an example of a resignation letter for employees who are pregnant:

This sample resignation letter can be downloaded and modified according to your needs after making the necessary changes. In addition to tips, we have included a sample resignation letter for your guidance. Here is the sample resignation letter:

Dear Name,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I will be resigning from my position as {{position}} at {{company}}, effective {{date}}. As you know I am pregnant. After much thought, I have determined that it is best for me to focus on my child and family at this time. Therefore, please let this correspondence serve as my official two weeks' notice. I hope that my decision does not cause inconvenience for you, my supervisors or co-workers. In the next two weeks, I will inform the residents on my floor of my upcoming departure. I will also be more than happy to help train a replacement Certified {{position}} in my place. Should you require anything from me beyond these two weeks, please feel free to contact me at {{number}} or {{email}}, and I will response as soon as possible. While it saddens me to leave the great staff and wonderful residents at {{place}}, I know I am doing what is best for my family. I wish...

If an employee resigns during pregnancy when does their mat pay start? The maternity allowance will automatically start in UK 11th week before the baby is due (if you are no longer employed). It comes from the government, rather than the employer if you have been employed 26 weeks in the 66 weeks before the due date.

The employee pregnancy resignation letter template is available in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format for download from our website for free. We appreciate your valuable feedback, so give us a big thumbs up if you like this letter and check out our website for more information.

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