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Bank Balance Request Letter

Here is uploaded a bank balance check request letter. Download this letter for free and use with a few amendments.

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In our advanced world, where office work has taken a very important position in comparison to our private life, banks have become the most common example in that regard. Every earning person keeps his personal bank account. While the usage of this bank account is highly professional, and many different actions are associated with it. The actions may range from opening a bank account to use of Credit Card & asking for a bank statement. 

For such reasons, you need to interact with the bank. For such interactions, you must be professional. This professionalism may require writing a letter to the bank manager or some other department of your concern. For that purpose, we got several Bank letters written for you. 

How to request balance confirmation letter bank manager asking for my bank's balance?

First of all, you must include your bank account's personal details and information in the first introductory paragraph. Then in the next paragraph, you should come towards the point of asking for your bank's balance. In the end, don't forget to pay greetings to the bank for taking your letter into consideration. 

A sample request bank balance letter is attached below:

Dear Sir/Madam {{Name}},

I wish to apply for the confirmation of balance in my account, as I am the account holder in your bank and have been using this account for {{number of years}} years. As I have neither used a debit card nor internet banking therefore no able to find the details about my own bank account except to request you.

Moreover, the day before yesterday my {{brother/father/sister}} had transferred an amount of {{amount}} to my account. I need confirmation of this transaction.

In the light of the above, you are requested to provide me the details of my account in your bank.

Yours sincerely,

Tips and tricks for writing a bank letter:

Below are mentioned some necessary tricks to write a bank letter:

  1. The first step includes your personal information about what is your name, bank’s name, your bank account name, Bank account Number, and IBAN. 
  2. Secondly, after providing your related information, think about what is the issue for which you are writing the letter to the bank. Then make a draft of these requirements which you need to be fulfilled by the bank.
  3. Write those issues and requirements in the 2nd paragraph of the bank letter. make sure that you do not repeat the same requirement twice since it produces a negative effect on your application in front of the bank manager.
  4. After writing down all the associated requirements, it is mandatory for you to write greetings and acknowledgment for considering your application.

This bank balance request letter is checked and safe to send to the bank manager. You can easily download these letters freely and use them as you want after some customization. Good luck with your letter request.

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