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Salary Advance Request Unexpected Costs Family Past Away

Download this sample Application for Advance Salary for funeral and other costs related to suddenly a family member passing away now.

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Unprecedented events create a lot of uncertainty and stress. It helps if you can learn from each other’s experiences. A way to overcome problems is sometimes by asking for help from your company, friends, family. In case you are looking for ways to find funds for the costs coming from the unexpected passing of a close family member, an acceptable way could be to ask your boss for an advance payment of your salary to overcome your difficulties if you do not have enough savings to pay for the funeral, traveling, etc. This can be helpful to improve your situation significantly.

How to write an advance salary request letter to your boss due to family passing away?

Here is a suitable reference salary advance request letter, which can be both written or sent via email. It shows a decent way to request an advance payment of your monthly salary. Consider the levels of politeness, based on your relationship with your boss. Making a polite request can be done:

  • very polite: I would appreciate it if you could help me pay the costs … 
  • polite: Could you please help me … 
  • polite but direct: Would you help me … 
  • More direct: Please send me an advance payment for ...

Example of a polite but direct way of asking for advance payment: 

I am writing to request a full salary advance on my next paycheck, please. My brother-in-law passed away yesterday, and I need the funds to buy last-minute, cross-country airplane tickets. This expense is completely unexpected, and I regret to say that I am unable to pay for my travel with my current savings. I have contacted HR and am aware of the company’s policy on salary advances. I am prepared to agree to the usual terms for a 5-month repayment window (20% per month) and a 1.5% interest rate. I apologize for the last-minute nature of my request and for the inconvenience I am sure this would cause you. I respectfully ask for your patience and understanding. I am available to meet with you to discuss this request in person anytime today or before tomorrow afternoon. Thank you very much for your time and understanding.

Instead of starting from scratch, you may save yourself some effort in preparation, if you use this letter as a starting point. Download this sample Application for Advance Salary for funeral and other costs related to suddenly a family member passing away now.

We wish you strength during these difficult times. 

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