sample resignation acceptance letter template

Sample resignation acceptance letter

What do you say in a resignation acceptance letter? When writing a Resignation acceptance letter, consider this sample Acceptance of resignation letter.

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Not every resignation letter you receive will be happily accepted. Sometimes you wish that one of your best employees wouldn't leave so soon and that they would continue their good work, but that's unfortunately not for us to decide. The best thing to do is to let them know that you've accepted their resignation and that you expect them to continue their work until the last day as stated by their contract.

What do you say in a resignation acceptance letter?

We support you by providing this Acceptance of the resignation letter template and you will see that you will save time and increase your effectiveness. This comes with the benefit that you will be inspired and motivated and to succeed and it helps you to finish your job faster! Completing your Acceptance of resignation letter was never simpler!

Sample resignation acceptance letter:

We have received your resignation letter/email dated some date. Your resignation has been accepted. As per your employment contract, your notice period ends on some date which will be your last working day. We trust that you will maintain your high level of performance up to the last moment and will hand over your duties in a seamless way. We can only thank you for your time here and wish you the best of luck in your next job.

Acceptance of resignation letter format, with more examples of a Resignation acceptance letter:

Heading of an Acceptance of resignation letter with appreciation:

A letter heading of a resignation acceptance letter consists of the sender's address (employer company name and contact details) and the date. When using block format, the heading goes in the top left-hand corner of the page.

  • Address letter to the employee who is resigning, mention Name and contact details
  • Specify current job position from which he is resigning
  • Specify the department where the employee is currently involved in
  • Specify the date when the letter is sent
  • Be mindful of your subject line, if you accept the resignation, state: “Acceptance of resignation - Congratulations on your new path” “Confirmation of your resignation” or “Acknowledgement of receiving resignation letter”.


  • Use formal salutation in a resignation acceptance letter. Commonly start with ' Dear Mr.' or 'Dear Ms.'
  • Mention the name of the employee who is resigning


  • We have received your resignation letter and your resignation has been accepted.
  • I read your resignation letter with great sorrow.
  • We have received your resignation letter/email dated on the date {{date}}.. Your resignation has been accepted.

Body of an Acceptance of resignation letter with appreciation:

  1. Use professional language that remains appropriate for professional correspondence.
  2. State your reasons for writing, which is conveying the message of acknowledgment regarding the receipt of the resignation letter of the employee.
  3. In the first paragraph, you should notify the employee that you've received and accepted their resignation letter. 
  4. Mention the date that the resignation letter has been received by the management
  5. Mention the employee's official last day of employment with the company within this paragraph.
  6. Make sure that in your preliminary acknowledgment of receiving the resignation letter, you are showing compassion for the situation with the intention to accept the request. You can refer to the situation as described by the employee in his resignation letter. 
  7. As a company, it is important to decide on how to deal with the resignation before you make any promises. Therefore, protect yourself and your company, by not giving in too much in the beginning.
  8. In your second paragraph, express understanding of the situation and show compassion: show your company lost a good and loyal staff member, emphasize you are all sad to see the employee leaving. It’s out of respect to make the resignation go smoothly for both parties. 
  9. if appropriate, you could consider offering to provide a reference letter for the employee, which can help them in the future.
  10. Keep records of the letter, by duplicating your acceptance letter, sending one copy to the employee, and keeping one for your own records.
  11. Explain all the next steps to take by the employee, as well as the employer, regarding the resignation
  12. The benefit and pay that the employee is to get upon resignation depending on his or her contract with the company
  13. The benefits that will be stopped being given and provided especially those that are under the company’s account and a business name
  14. Other information that the employee needs to be aware of regarding the resignation processes
  15. The reaction of the management regarding an employee’s resignation
  • Your last working day shall be some date as per the employment contract and the labor law.
  • We expect a comprehensive and full handover of your responsibilities and assigned tasks and we kindly ask you to maintain a clean working track record in terms of punctuality, performance, and professionalism until your employment completes.
  • As per your employment contract, your notice period ends on some date which will be your last working day.
  • We trust that you will maintain your high level of performance up to the last moment and will hand over your duties in a seamless way. 
  • You have been an excellent employee and it was a true privilege to have someone like you on my team.
  • I understand the reasons that led to your decision and support you in whatever you choose to do next.

Closing of the Acceptance of resignation letter with appreciation

  • Consider referring to a goodbye party.
  • Invite the employee to keep in touch.
  • Include a company note of thanks for the work was done, and if appropriate, consider adding a personal note and a bit of praise.
  • Always proofread your message before sending the letter. Make sure it’s perfect last communication between you and the employee, to leave a good impression.
  • Place on the bottom of the letter, on the left, above your printed name and title, place a handwritten signature.
  • Making sure that your message is error-free will assure the professionalism and legality of the document.
  • Set up an Exit interview, to receive more information about the choice to resign from the company. Make sure to show compassion and to be clear of the future. Explain the employee is always welcome to visit or contact the company.
  • We can only thank you for your time here and wish you the best of luck in your next job.
  • Please consider your resignation accepted. Wish you the best!


Place a handwritten signature on a hardcopy letter, or use an image of the signature at the bottom of the page, above the name of the manager.

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