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When writing to request for shifting our workplace, check out and download this sample Application for shifting our workplace letter now.

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Your workspace should be a place where you should feel save so that you can do your work diligently. If that's not the case, then things around you need to change. One of the things you could do, is to ask your employer for help. In this case, you can ask for a shifting of your workplace.

How to write a request letter for shifting our workplace to your employer?

The complaint, in this case, is the smell of chemicals. Your employer will definitely understand how unhealthy this is and how it's difficult to work in such circumstances. It will help to be polite and to request this for all employees who work with you.

Example of a direct way of asking for shifting our workplace:
This letter is to request a change in the workplace. We are currently assembling the products near the chemical storage room. The pungent smell of the chemicals makes us very uncomfortable to work in such a place. This smell is also causing health issues in some of the workers. Therefore, we all request to change and shift our workplace away from such smell.

Thanks to this template, you don't have to start writing your request letter from scratch. By downloading this sample Application for shifting our workplace letter, you can save yourself a whole lot of time.

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