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Boss Promotion Request Letter

How to ask your boss for a promotion in a request letter? How do you say you want a promotion? When looking for a request letter you can download and use this one.

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Letters may sound old- fashion but letters are a very formal, professional and respectful way to communicate especially in the workplace. Whether you want to raise a complain, apologize for any wrong, ask permission, make a request etc. to your boss a letter might be a good way of doing so.

How do you say you want a promotion?

Writing a letter to someone of a higher status might sound a bit worrying. You need to sound polite, professional and get your message out clearly. When writing a request letter to your boss, the wording of your letter can have a big part in your request being granted or not. Below are some points to remember when writing a request letter to your boss:

  • Address your boss in a professional and respectable manner.
  • Include the date in your letter for reference.
  • Always include a greetings line.
  • Make sure to include a subject that clearly states the purpose of your letter. 
  • State your request clearly and concise.
  • Explain your request with a bit more details, be sure not to be too lengthy but state all important information.
  • Suggest any call to action if possible.
  • Always conclude with thanks.

See our sample how to ask your boss to stay remote request letter below:

Dear {{Name}}, 

I hope this email reaches you well. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me on {{DATE and TIME}}. I appreciate that your time is valuable and I appreciate you carving out the space to hear me out. As we discussed, I would like to be considered for promotion to {{JOB TITLE}}. I believe that in my {{TIME}} here at {{COMPANY}} I have contributed an ample number of accomplishments with extremely positive outcomes:




I also believe I have proven that I am a valuable team player. Here is some feedback I have recently received from coworkers and clients. 


In addition, I have great ideas that I believe I can implement going forward, including {{EXAMPLE OF IDEA AND HOW TO IMPLEMENT}}.

I believe that my accomplishments, proven positive feedback, and thoughtful vision for my future here at {{COMPANY}} show that I am ready for this promotion and the responsibility that comes along with it. 

I look forward to hearing back from you and thanks again for your valuable time. 

We provide a perfectly How to ask your boss for a promotion in a request letter that fits your needs! Download this professional Letter template now and make small changes to suit your needs! Are you looking for more letters, business documents, forms, reports, plans and resumes templates? Our website has all these documents and more which will help you in both your professional and private life.

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