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How to write an Authorization Letter?

Important suggestions to follow when writing an authorization letter:

  • Keep the letter precise and short: the longer the letter, the more it potentially contains irrelevant information.
  • Specify the duties of the responsible person: be specific and unambiguous about the duties granted to the person.
  • Provide time duration and dates of authorization: write the duration, the start and end date of this authorization to avoid issues and misconceptions.
  • Provide proper reason for authorization: provide specific reasons for authorization and avoid any sort of ambiguities, like illness, being abroad ,etc.
  • Write if there are some sort of restrictions: there can be conditions or certain areas about which you do not want to provide authorization to the person.
  • End the letter with a proper conclusion:  Make sure to leave some space to add the signature on the hardcopy letter or maybe scan your signature and insert them in the document.
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  • Types of Authorization letters:

    • Ordinary or Non-Durable Authorization letter or POA;
    • Enduring/Lasting or Durable Authorization letter or POA;
    • Special or Limited Authorization letter or POA;
    • Medical Authorization letter or POA;
    • Springing Authorization letter or POA.
  • Question & Answers related to Authorization Letter Examples

    • What's the difference between Autorization and Power Of Attorney?

      A Power of attorney (POA) and a letter of authorization are similar. However, A POA is often a multiple-page document and the Authorization Letter a one-pager.

      Is an authorization letter legal if not notarized?

      In general, an authorization letter does not need to be notarized or witnessed to be binding. You can provide proof of the person that gives the authority and provide proof of the person that acts on behalf. The notary removes the issue as to the identity of the parties signing the contract.

      Authorization or Authorisation?

      Authorise is used in all main varieties of English outside North America. In the USA and Canada people are using “authorize”, “authorizing”, “authorized”, and “authorization”, while British English speakers use “authorise”, “authorising”, “authorised”, and “authorisation”.
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