authorization letter for payment on behalf template

Authorization letter for payment on behalf

How do I collect a cash payment on behalf of somebody else? Download this Authorization Letter collect payment and revise all the information so it will suit your personal situation.

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How can I collect a cash payment on behalf of somebody else?

How to prepare an Authorization Letter to collect payment on behalf of somebody else? Download this Authorization Letter to collect payment directly! 

If you need a letter to allow somebody that you trust to collect an amount on your behalf, then this letter is useful for you to think about the situation that you are authorizing someone to collect a certain amount when you are not able to go yourself. Or to collect some documents that represent a certain value (cheques, bearer shares, etc) when you are not able to go yourself. This is an efficient way for senior management to delegate some of the tasks to their subordinates and also allows them to set certain boundaries.

This convenient authorization letter template is perfect for such kind of situation. The format gives the bearer, including 2 additional identification proof/papers to ensure the identity of the receiver, as a reference, sufficient proof to pick up the payment(s). Make sure to fill in the exact date, person, location, and other details that are requested below. Remember that this is just a guide to you for creating your authorization letters.

In general, the Authorization letter should contain the following information:

  • Subject: ‘Authorization to collect payment’ or ‘Authorization letter to claim money: (description)
  • Date;
  • Letter-recipient contact and general information;
  • Amount/value of the payment or documents;
  • Salutation: (Dear Sir NAME, Dear Madam NAME, “To Whom It May Concern”)
  • The reason why cannot collect;
  • Authorization limitations (amount of items, value, etc);
  • Period of authorization is valid
  • Date of collection: a preferred date for collection of the goods
  • Any further information or additional instructions
  • Contact information ( beneficiary contact details, phone numbers).
  • Closing: Use a simple closing like “Thank you for your kind cooperation”
  • Beneficiary passport name: Skip three or four lines to leave enough space for a signature and type the name of the payee below the closing.
  • Signature: Always sign the letter in blue or black ink.

In life it happens often you are too busy, and you cannot be at 2 locations at the same time. It helps if you have somebody else that can help you, for example, to pick up an amount of money on your behalf. In this situation, it's best to make a brief statement that authorizes somebody else to act on behalf of you.

Please download the free download sample authorization letter or copy the following:  


[Mr/Mrs]. [Name] [Company name],

Dear [Sir/Madam][Name],

I, [NAME], hereby authorized [NAME AUTHORIZED PERSON] to act on my behalf to to collect a sum in the amount of [AMOUNT, CURRENCY] at [LOCATION], since I am currently not able to collect the payment myself. 

The following documents serve as proof that I have allowed the bearer of this letter to claim the money on my behalf, which are my personal ID documents, respectively: 

• [ID 1: ie COMPANY ID];

• [ID 2 ie: PASSPORT ID].

Please contact me directly in case you have any questions, for example about the identity of [NAME AUTHORIZED PERSON] , who is bearing this letter, you can always call me at [PHONE NR], which is also reflected on my ID’s.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

[Your name], [Company name].

[Your address]

[Recipient Name]

[Recipient Address]

Download this example Authorization Letter to collect payment on behalf and revise all the information so it will suit your personal situation.

Make sure that you provide enough evidence of your identity, in combination with a signature from yourself. By using this Authorization Letter template, you will see that you will save you time and effort and you will get the payment quickly.

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