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How to write an invitation letter? Find out and download a Invitation Letter Sample!

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The invitation letter is a formal document to attract another person to join you on a specific occasion. You can invite other people verbally as well as by sending them a written invitation letter. If you are organizing an event, whether it is a meeting, a party a meal, or a wedding you can formally invite others by sending them a written invitation. if you want to invite someone on an occasion then you must know how to write an invitation letter. 

How to write an invitation letter?

Below is mentioned how can you write an invitation letter:

  1. Write occasion name (meeting, party, wedding, or a formal gathering)
  2. Write the name of the invitee, mention the complete name if do not know the person closely.
  3. Mention the complete name of the host
  4. Use formal and greeting words in the invitational (cordially invites you or pleased to invite you)
  5. Mention the date, time, and venue of the event so that participants can easily get you 
  6. Briefly describe the details of the event, if there is any speech, activity, or performance
  7. Mention the name of the special guest if any. 
  8. Write the phone number of the host and address details (in case of any difficulty a person can contact them to ask for the event place or directions)

Invitation Letter Sample:

Here is attached an Invitation Letter Sample for your help and needs. 

Dear {{Name}}, 

I am pleased to inform you that you are cordially invited to the {{event name}}. This event will be organized at {{address of the event}} and will be held on {{event date}} at {{event time}}. Lunch has been arranged in between the event to make it more enjoyable.

Please confirm your availability on or before {{date}} by contacting us ...

We look forward to your presence at the event {{event name}}.

Yours sincerely,

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