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Demotion Letter Template

How do you write a demotion letter? When looking for a employee demotion letter you can always download and use this one.

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A demotion refers to a compulsory reduction to a lower rank, class, position or grade. It is a change in role so that a person have less responsibility, status or a lower salary than before. A demotion letter which can be in the form of an email, letter, memo or any other document is used to formally inform a person of a demotion. 

How do you write a demotion letter?

Once you have decided to demote someone you will have to find a method of informing them. writing a demotion letter is important as it as it should be clear and preside so as to avoid any misunderstanding. Below are some points to note if you need help in writing a demotion letter. 

  • Identify your reasons for demoting the employee.
  • Communicate with the employee.
  • Assign meaningful work.
  • Present the news in a professional manner.
  • Follow up with the individual after the demotion.

See below for a sample demotion letter:

Dear {{Name}}, 

The {{Reviewer/Leader/Supervisor}} of the Disciplinary Council on {{date}} has reviewed your case and, based on the information and testimonials available, has determined that demotion is the best course of action.

Effective {{date}}, you are demoted from {{position/title}} to {{position/title}}. This decision is based on {{reason(s)}} mentioned previously in {{meeting/warning/memo}} on {{date(s)}}. Your new position is {{exempt/non-exempt}} and is part of the {{Name}} department. You will hereafter report to {{Supervisor}}. Your salary is {{amount}}.

I have attached {{relevant documents}} to this letter that more fully describe your new position. Please read them carefully. A meeting has been arranged for {{time}} on {{date}} with {{Supervisor}}, who will go over your new schedule, status, and performance expectations.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Yours sincerely,



{{Formal Name}} {{Title}}

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