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It can be quite challenging to write a cancellation request from scratch. The most important thing is to be firm and direct, and clear about what you need while remaining friendly. Whatever the reason is that you want to write this type of letter, it's important to follow a couple of logical steps, in order to have a fine letter. 

How do I write a cancellation letter for service?

A cancellation letter is a written message or email, that expresses the intention of canceling an agreement, subscription, or contract. It often happens due to receiving unsatisfactory service. When the service offtake writes this document to the service provider with whom he or she made the commitment, this is a serious change in the existing business contract. There are different types of cancellation letters you can compose, in different tones. Please have a look at it and you might even discover this template has a slightly different perspective and can be very helpful.

The process of writing the letter depends on its purpose. Here are some guidelines to help you out: for writing a service contract cancellation letter. This sample can be useful for you:

  • I hereby request from you to cancel the service name and close my account effective date.
  • I'm really disappointed with your service and find it inadequate. I would expect much better service from a company of your caliber.
  • Describe what happened and how their service wasn't good. 
  • I'm sorry that matters had to reach this far, but the responsibility falls on your part.
  • I really hope someone in charge reads this and acts accordingly for the sake of other customers.
  • If there is anything that I need to do to complete the cancellation process, please inform me.
  • If not, then I'm expecting a formal notice stating that the service was successfully canceled.

This easily customizable cancellation letter can be used for any kind of personal matter and will guarantee will save you time and effort.

Do you need an effective Service cancellation letter? Download this Service cancellation letter template now and make life a little easier!

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