RACI Responsiblity Matrix

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Check out the RACI Responsibility Matrix method and find out how to improve project management and communication within your project or business operations.
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Have you ever had a discussion about responsibility or ownership of an activity or task? Check out the RACI matrix method and find out how to improve project management and communication within your project or business operations.

What is a RACI Responsibility Matrix?

The RACI matrix is a diagram which is used to describe the responsibilities of various roles in project tasks or deliverables. It's an abbreviation for:

This matrix is a project management spreadsheet template that can help you to implement a project or standard business operations within the time required and with the resources available. The responsibilities need to be accepted by all those involved.

What does the acronym RACI stand for?

Responsible: Those who are responsible for the implementation of the task and achievement of the deliverable. There is commonly one role with a participation type of responsible, although others can be delegated to assist in the work that is required

Accountable (also known as Final Approving Authority or Approver): There can only be one person who is ultimately accountable for the correct and thorough completion of each task or deliverable. The Accountable is the person who must sign off (Approve) on the work that the Responsible provides. Therefore, Responsible is accountable to him/her.

Consulted (sometimes Counsel): Those whose opinions are required; and with whom there is two-way communication. 

Informed: Those who are kept up-to-date about the decisions on the development, achievements of the task or deliverable; this is only one-way communication.

How do I make a RACI matrix? 

We provide a professional Excel Template for the RACI matrix, also known as: 'Responsibility assignment matrix'. Just download the template and you are good to go.
There are a number of alternatives to the RACI participation types which are also explained in this template: 

  • RASCI model (RASIC) ;
  • RACI-VS ;
  • RACIO or CAIRO ;
  • DACI ;
  • etc.

Besides project management or operational management, this RACI can help you if you want to organize a project scheduling workshop, this RACI Matrix can be helpful. It provides all the tools you need to make operations go smoother with all the stakeholders involved. 

Download this RACI Responsibility matrix Excel template now and this will not happen again!

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