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Schengen Visa Application Letter

What should I say in a Schengen visa application letter? This application letter template can be easily used and edited according to your needs.

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A tourist visa is issued by the government authorities of Schengen to travelers who intend to conduct tourism activities that do not compose labor or employment in a specific country. So for you to apply for a visa application you need a letter format, which our website specializes in, our template is unique and can be easily edited according to your needs.

What should I say in a Schengen visa application letter?

Tips for writing a Schengen visa application letter:
  • Research the government requirements in applying for a tourist visa
  • Use only the professional format on the application letter
  • State your purpose of the trip
  • Summarize your qualifications for the tourist visa
  • Mention why you need the visa and how important it is
  • Make a professional closing statement

Sample visa application letter for Schengen area:

Below is provided a sample letter. You can download it and use it after making changes as per your requirements and criteria. We are not only providing you tips, but also a sample cover letter that you can use after certain edits. Here is a sample letter for your guidance:

Dear Sir or Madam {{Name}},

I intend to travel to {{City}} and {{City}} in {{Country}} and {{City}} in {{Country}} as tourist from{{start date}} through {{end date}} and would therefore like to obtain a Schengen travel visa.

Below is the break through itinerary for my trip and what I intend to pursue.

  • {{dd/mm/yyyy}} - Land in {{City}},{{Country}} and take the train to {{City}},{{Country}}. Spend{{number of days}}{{days}} there. Meet up with my friend {{Name friend}}. (His visa and passport copy attached)
  • {{dd/mm/yyyy}}- Travel to {{City}},{{Country}}for {{Event name}} along with my friend. Spend one week in {{City}},{{Country}}.
  • {{dd/mm/yyyy}}- Travel via train to {{City}},{{Country}} to meet another friend - {{Name friend}} (His visa and passport copy attached) . {{dd/mm/yyyy}}- Travel back to {{City}},{{Country}} to catch my flight back to {{Home country}}.
  • {{dd/mm/yyyy}}- Return back to {{Home country}}.

I am the bearer of all my travel expenses. I am making my own flight and hotel bookings. I have attached copies of my documents along with this covering letter as per the requirements posted for Schengen visa on {{Consulate country}} Consulate website. {{website with Schengen information}} Please find enclosed the following documents to support my visa application:

  1. Fully completed and duly signed application form
  2. Two photographs as per visa specifications.
  3. Original and copy of my passport.
  4. Copy of itinerary for my round-trip flight from {{City}},{{Country}} to {{City}},{{Country}} from travel agent. Original will be obtained when needed.
  5. Copy of my hotel reservation bookings Originals will be attached when needed.
  6. Copy of my travel medical insurance policy from Reliance, valid for the whole Schengen Area and covering up to {{Amount}} for medical and hospital care plus repatriation for emergency medical reasons
  7. Documentary evidence of my employment and salary. Salary slips, appointment letter, relieving letter from previous company.
  8. Form 16 for the past {{Years}}.
  9. Leave letter from the current employer. This includes my date of joining once I am back from the visit.
  10. My latest {{Number}} monthly bank statements.
  11. Copy of my wife’s credit card that will be with me during my trip.
  12. Photocopies of ID of my friends that I will be visiting {{Names}}. Please refer to them if you need to.
  13. {{Certificate}} as proof of civil status. I trust you will find that everything is in order, but please feel free to contact me should you need any additional details or documents.

Download this sample Schengen visa application letter template for free from our website. Make some changes to the document available in Microsoft Word format. If you like this letter, please give us a big thumbs up. Your valuable feedback matters a lot to us. Head towards our website for some useful content.

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Rodger Mcdonald(6/24/2022) - USA

Materials I just received from you are easy to use and very helpful

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This is a nice Schengen visa request letter, thank you.

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