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How do I write an authorization letter for my vehicle? Check out these tips and tricks to write Authorization Letter for selling a car now.

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An authorization letter is a letter in which you officially assign someone else responsible for something. This letter includes the permission of making some other person liable for action on your behalf. The person responsible for the assigned duties must keep this authorization letter with him while performing the assigned duty. For example when you are about to transfer the ownership of a vehicle.

How do I write an authorization letter for my car?

Below are mentioned some important points which you can follow while writing an authorization letter. Follow these points to produce the best authorization letter:
  • Keep the letter precise and short: try to keep your compact and precise. Because the longer the letter, the more it will contain information. The more the information the more meanings can be interpreted from those long paragraphs. That is why it is always advised to write a short and precise authorization letter. In this way, you can avoid misconceptions that could result in a detailed letter.
  • Specify the duties of the responsible person: In writing an authorization letter, make sure you write about very specific and unambiguous duties which you are going to grant to another person. You always should prefer writing the duties in the first paragraph of the authorization letter. no matter what your letter is about, either it is some bank-related work, or granting another person to sell a precious thing of yours. You always must write in a specific manner about the level of authority you are giving to another person.
  • Provide time duration/dates of authorization: Always remember to write about the duration of authorization of your grant to another person. Write about the start and end date of this authorization. In this way, a lot of issues and misconceptions can be avoided.
  • Provide proper reason for authorization: In writing such a letter, you must provide specific reasons for authorization. A properly detailed explanation is always preferred to avoid any sort of ambiguities. The reason can be different like if you are ill if you are abroad and there can be many more.
  • Write if there are some sort of restrictions: There can be some conditions or certain areas about which you do not want to provide authorization to the person. You may want to be cautious and write about these areas where you do not grant permission to the person who you are authorizing.
  • End the letter with a proper conclusion: Here you need to end the letter with proper formal words. Make a conclusion with proper wording like “Yours sincerely”. Make sure to leave some space at the end of your signature. You can add the signature printing the letter or maybe scan your signature and insert them in the document.
  • ID proof: Provide copies or originals of necessary ID documents of yourself and the collector.

Samples of authorization letter to sell a vehicle/car:

Automobiles are an expensive thing. Dealing with the selling and buying of vehicles is quite risky and decisive. Sometimes such situations occur in which you can't perform such dealings. so you have to grant someone else responsible for buying/selling vehicles. In order to grant someone such a risky duty, it's necessary for you to write an authorization letter. Below is attached a sample authorization letter that you can use after a few edits.

Dear Sir/Madam {{Name}},

I hereby authorize {{the authorized person’s name}} to sell my car having plate number {{plate number}} and perform all legal transactions and logistics on my behalf.

Scope of Authority:

1) Selling of car to verified buyer

2) Sign receipts and cash in Cheque

3) Sign all legal documents

4) {{Add additional terms as needed}}

Authority Exclusions: {{Explicitly list actions that the authorized person can't perform}}

1) Selling of parts of the car.

2) Replacing, modifying the vehicle in any way

3) {{Add additional exclusions as needed}}

Vehicle Details:

1) Plate Number: {{plate number}}

2) Model: {{Model name}}

3) Chassis Number: {{Chassis name}}

Authorized Person's Details:

1) Name: {{the authorized person’s name}}

2) Identity Proof Type: {{Documents etc.}}

3) Identity Proof Number: {{ID number}}

4) Signature: _______________________

Yours sincerely,

Download this Vehicle authorization letter format right away and use it after just a few amendments in the bracketed area. If you don't find this letter helpful, then head on to our website for more amazing letters.

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