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When it comes to project management, a thorough understanding of the subject is essential for success. One valuable tool in gaining a deeper understanding is a literature review, which provides an overview of existing scholarly works on a particular topic. If you're looking for an example of a project management literature review, you're in luck! At, we offer a comprehensive and informative Project Management Literature Review Example template that you can download in DOCX format.

Why Conduct a Literature Review in Project Management?

A literature review is a critical component of any research or academic project. When it comes to project management, conducting a literature review can help you:

  • Identify Knowledge Gaps: By reviewing existing literature, you can identify areas where further research is needed or where existing information is lacking.
  • Gain Insights from Experts: A literature review allows you to learn from the expertise and experiences of other researchers and practitioners in the field of project management.
  • Stay Updated on Current Trends: As project management practices evolve, a literature review helps you stay abreast of the latest trends, theories, and best practices.
  • Inform Your Own Project Management Approach: By analyzing and synthesizing various sources, a literature review helps you develop a comprehensive understanding of project management concepts and apply them to your own projects.

Key Elements of the Project Management Literature Review Example

Our Project Management Literature Review Example template covers a broad range of topics related to project management. It includes an analysis of existing literature on:

  • Project Management Phases: Explore the different phases involved in project management, such as initiation, planning, execution, monitoring, and closure.
  • Project Life Cycle: Understand the different stages of a project's life cycle, from conception to completion, and how project management principles apply at each stage.
  • Key Project Management Concepts: Dive into essential project management concepts like scope management, time management, cost management, and risk management.

Download the Project Management Literature Review Example

Ready to strengthen your project management knowledge with a comprehensive literature review? Visit today and download our Project Management Literature Review Template in DOCX format. It's a valuable resource for researchers, students, or anyone looking to enhance their understanding of project management principles and practices.

Take advantage of our extensive collection of document templates, covering various business and management topics. Start your journey towards project management excellence and successful project delivery!

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