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Birth plan template

How do you use a Birth plan? When looking for a Birth plan template you can always download and use this one.

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A birth plan is something you can write yourself. It outlines what you want to happen during the different stages of labor and ends with the first hours with your newborn. The goal is to let the team taking care of you know what your ideal birth looks like, so they can work towards it while giving you the care you need.

What to put in a Birth plan?

The following items are important to discuss in a birth plan:

The positions for labor and birth; If you have a preference for a certain position while giving birth, then you should definitely add it to the plan. This will help to ensure you’re as relaxed and comfortable as you can be. On the day you may find that other positions work better for you, it’s best to just go with whatever works for you at the time.

Mention what method of pain relief you want; It saves time and you can also explain in what order you want them in. Aside from medicated pain relief, you might also want to write down any natural pain relief methods you’d like to try such as breathing techniques and massage.

The location of the birth; Are you happy with a hospital birth or are you looking to have a home birth? If you want a home birth you’ll need to check that your midwife is happy to attend. You’ll also want to make notes if things don’t go as planned and if you’d require any particular pain relief at home.

Who your birth partner will be; Mention who you want present at the time of birth. Write down if you want this person to be with you for the whole birth, or if you’d prefer for them to only be there during certain stages. It’s also worth considering if you’d like your birth partner to stay with you if you require an assisted birth or a C-section.

Download this Birth plan template now.

After downloading this sample template and filling in the blanks, you can easily customize the style, typography, details, and appearance of your Birth plan template. If this ain't the right template that you are looking for, then certainly take a look at the other letters that has to offer.

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