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Employee Training Plan

What to include in an employee training plan? No matter which operating system you are running, you can easily download this training plan template.

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An outline of a training program is identified in a training plan template. An organization can tailor it to its specific training needs based on its own needs. To meet the training requirements, the training plan should specify what needs to take place.

What to include in an employee training plan?

The following tips will help you build an effective employee training program:
  • Assess the training needs of the organization.
  • Decide what you want to accomplish during training.
  • Methods of training should be determined.
  • It is important to determine the technology to be used for training.
  • Determine the budget for training.
  • An evaluation of the training plan's effectiveness should be conducted.
Employee Training Plan



  • Personnel are trained in the following procedures:
  • Internal alarm/notification 
  • Evacuation/re-entry procedures & assembly point locations 
  • Emergency incident reporting 
  • External emergency response organization notification 
  • Location(s) and contents of Emergency Response/Contingency Plan 
  • Facility evacuation drills, that are conducted at least: (Specify: “Quarterly", etc.)


  • Chemical Handlers are additionally trained in the following:
  • Safe methods for handling and storage of hazardous materials 
  • Location(s) and proper use of fire and spill control equipment 
  • Spill procedures/emergency procedures 
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment 
  • Specific hazard(s) of each chemical to which they may be exposed, including routes of exposure (i.e., inhalation, ingestion, absorption) 
  • Hazardous Waste Handlers/Managers are trained in all aspects of hazardous waste management specific to their job duties (e.g., container accumulation time requirements, labeling requirements, storage area inspection requirements, manifesting requirements, etc.)


  • Members are capable of and engaged in the following: 
  • Complete this section only if you have an in-house emergency response team:
  • Personnel rescue procedures 
  • Shutdown of operations 
  • Liaison with responding agencies 
  • Use, maintenance, and replacement of emergency response equipment 
  • Refresher training, which is provided at least annually 
  • Emergency response drills, which are conducted at least:  (Specify: “Quarterly", etc.) 


  • The following records are maintained at the facility (Check all that apply). 
  • Note: This list of records does not necessarily identify every type of record required to be maintained by the facility.
  • Current employees training records (to be retained until closure of the facility) 
  • Former employees' training records (to be retained at least three years after termination of employment) 
  • Training Program(s) (i.e., written description of introductory and continuing training) 
  • Current copy of this Emergency Response/Contingency Plan 
  • Record of recordable/reportable hazardous material/waste releases 
  • Record of hazardous material/waste storage area inspections 
  • Record of hazardous waste tank daily inspections 
  • Description and documentation of facility emergency response drills  
In what way does the training plan help you achieve your goals?

Employees need the training to accomplish their jobs and help a company meet its goals. A training plan can help them learn and develop these skills. Providing trainees or new employees with organized information is what this is all about. Your approach to designing, implementing, and tracking the effectiveness of your training is outlined in this document.

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