create a complete and actual grantt chart with our template - beyond activities template

Create a Complete and Actual Grantt Chart with Our Template - Beyond Activities

Manage your projects like a pro with our Grant Chart Template. Easily track activities, plans, actuals & completion beyond deadlines. Download now for XLSX!

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Are you looking for an effective project management tool to keep track of your project's progress, deadlines, and milestones? Look no further than our Grantt Chart Template available for download in XLSX format at!

What is a Grantt Chart Template?

A Grantt Chart is a popular project management tool used by teams to plan, track, and manage project timelines and activities. It provides a visual representation of the project schedule, helping team members to stay organized, on track, and aware of their roles and responsibilities. A Grantt Chart Template simplifies the process of creating and customizing a Grantt Chart, saving project managers time and effort.

How Does a Grantt Chart Template Help with Project Management?

A Grantt Chart Template offers an array of benefits for project management. Here are some of the ways it can streamline your project management:

  1. Establishes a Clear Plan: The Grantt Chart Template provides an overview of all the tasks and activities required to complete a project, along with their timelines and dependencies. This helps project managers establish a clear plan and keep everyone aligned with the project goals.
  2. Tracks Progress: The template provides a visual progress indicator for each task or activity, showing whether it is On Track, Behind Schedule, or Completed. This helps team members track progress and prioritize tasks as necessary.
  3. Identifies Bottlenecks and Risks: The Grantt Chart is an excellent tool for identifying bottlenecks and risks that could impact project delivery, allowing project managers to take proactive measures to mitigate them. It also helps team members stay aware of upcoming deadlines and adjust their approach as necessary.
  4. Facilitates Communication and Collaboration: The Grantt Chart Template can be shared with all team members, facilitating communication and collaboration across the project team. Everyone can access the current project status, timelines, dependencies, and critical path, improving transparency and accountability.
  5. Offers Easy Customization: Our Grantt Chart Template is designed to allow easy customization so it can be tailored for different projects and teams. It makes it easy to add new tasks or change timelines, dependencies, or other parameters as needed.

Get Your Grantt Chart Template

If you're ready to take control of your project management and optimize your team's performance, download our Grantt Chart Template now from It's available in XLSX format and is easy to customize to meet your specific project needs. With this tool, you will be able to streamline your project management, track progress, identify risks, and keep your project on track and beyond.

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