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How do you use a Shot list? When looking for a Camera shot list you can always download and use this one.

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A shot list is a list of every shot you need for each scene in the video production to create your film. A shot list is created by the Cinematographer and the Director in the pre-production phase. A shot list is used to outline each shot’s specifics, including the camera, shot size, and shot type. This is created, so the Assistant Director and Cinematographer know what they have to capture visually to tell the story of the film.

How to use a Shot list?

10 essential details of a Camera shot list:

1. Shot number
Shots are described using numbers starting with No. 1 at the beginning of each new scene. The shot number will be the reference number for that particular shot.

2. Size
How much of the subject is seen within the frame. This is written with short abbreviations, such as CU (close up) and WS (wide shot).

3. Angle
Is the camera lower or higher than the eye level of the subject? This affects how the subject is seen.

4. Movement
How the camera moves in the shot. If the shot is static and does not move, just write “static.”

5. Lens
What type of lens will be used for the shot.

6. Time of Day (TOD)
This tells us the time of day the shot takes place in the script, such as in the morning or at midnight.

7. Location
Where the scene is taking place, so be sure to include if it is an interior or exterior location.

8. Description of action
What actions and movements are happening with the subjects in the frame.

9. Time
How long the lighting and camera set-up will take to get this shot ready.

10. Audio
What kind of audio recording device will be used for this shot (i.e. lav, boom, etc.).

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