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Perpetual Birthday Calendar

How do you create a perpetual birthday calendar? Just download this ready-made calendar template in Google Docs, MS Word format and you’re good to go.

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The perpetual birthday calendar is for remembering the birthdays of friends and loved ones every year. When you're looking for a specific calendar template, this website is your answer, also this sample template is unique and helpful for your daily life.

How do you create a perpetual birthday calendar?

Steps to creating a perpetual calendar:

A perpetual calendar only consists of the months and days in the year. Each month should be placed on its own separate cell at the top of each row, under each month, including 31 cells for each possible day of the month.

For months with 30 days, you can black out the 31st day for ease, same on February but leave space on the 29th for the leap, since this will happen once every 4 years.

Keep it somewhere visible if at all possible. For example, place the calendar template on your desktop on your computer, so every day it's visible. The easiest way to schedule something else in its place.

Set aside time to review the day ahead; designate a time each day to review your planner for the day ahead so you know what’s happening. It doesn’t matter if you choose to spend time in the morning reviewing your day, or if you decide to do it the night before. Just make sure it’s a time spent with no distractions so you can concentrate on the day and tasks ahead.

Be realistic; try not to over-schedule your daily tasks. Be realistic and don’t schedule more than you can handle or you’ll find yourself frustrated and discouraged.

How long does a perpetual calendar last?

A perpetual calendar is designed to advance the day, date, and year correctly until the year 2100, taking into account any leap years, 28 days in February, and the difference between 30 and 31 day months.

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