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Workplace Romance Fraternization Policy Template

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Fraternization Policy aims at minimizing problems in the workplace due to romantic relationships in the workplace, yet encouraging the positive aspect of employees relationships. This policy also looks at guidelines for  strong friendships among employees.

What is Workplace Romance Fraternization Policy?

Office romances are on the decline, whether due to the current environment surrounding sexual harassment or the fact that workers are reluctant to admit the truth, the fact that office romances have always existed and will continue to exist. To avoid negative consequences at work, it is important to establish ground rules in your relationships that will help you stay professional in the office and protect the privacy of your personal life. In fact, we are all human, and things happen when you bring people together for eight to ten hours a day. But in the age of #MeToo, companies need to be more vigilant about what was once considered acceptable or at least tolerable in the workplace. Even the most successful romantic relationships in the office can end up stirring up emotions that can negatively impact not only other employees but overall productivity.

Include proper guidelines for workplace romance.

  • The task of enforcing romantic policies in the workplace often falls to HR managers. Therefore, it is crucial for HR managers to establish workplace romance guidelines in the employee handbook. That being said, new employees should be aware and must read and understand any such policies at the time of any hiring.
  • You must also demonstrate that workplace romance policies are not necessarily designed to prohibit romantic relationships. If you don't explain this correctly, people may not take the policy well. In the policy, you must also state that this occurs if the reported relationship is between people who work closely together. In this case, the best way to fix this type of problem is to reshuffle. However, this should only be done when there are signs of conflict. Otherwise, they can continue working together.
  • Once you have consulted with the Legal Department, the next step is to develop a draft policy. You can start from scratch or download a workplace romance policy template online. There are several templates you can use, and you can browse sample workplace romance documents online. 

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