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Are you working on a community project that has received funding and now it's time to plan for its successful exit? Look no further! At, we understand the importance of having a well-defined exit strategy to ensure a smooth transition and sustained impact. Our Community Exit Strategy Template is designed to guide you through the process and help you create a comprehensive plan for the future.

What is a Community Exit Strategy?

A Community Exit Strategy is a plan developed by project leaders and stakeholders to outline the steps and considerations for concluding a community project, particularly when it has been funded by external sources. It provides a roadmap for wrapping up the project, transitioning responsibilities, and ensuring the project's impact and sustainability beyond the funding period.

Why Do You Need a Community Exit Strategy?

A well-thought-out exit strategy is crucial for the overall success and long-term sustainability of a community project. Here are a few reasons why you need a Community Exit Strategy:

  1. Smooth Transition: An exit strategy helps facilitate a smooth transition when the project funding ends. It provides clarity on how to hand over responsibilities, tasks, and assets to ensure the project's continuation without disruption.
  2. Maximize Project Impact: By planning ahead, the exit strategy allows project leaders to maximize the project's impact even after the funding period. It ensures that the project has a lasting positive effect on the community, well beyond the initial financial support.
  3. Sustainable Development: A successful exit strategy considers long-term sustainability by assessing the project's viability without external funding. It explores alternative funding sources, revenue generation, partnerships, and other strategies to maintain project activities and initiatives.
  4. Accountability and Evaluation: Including a thorough evaluation process in the exit strategy provides insights into the project's achievements, challenges, and lessons learned. It allows stakeholders to assess the project's overall success, identify areas of improvement, and share valuable knowledge with others in the community development field.

Get Your Community Exit Strategy Template

Don't let your community project's impact fizzle out when the funding ends. Download our Community Exit Strategy Template in DOCX format today to ensure a successful conclusion and sustainable future for your project. It's a valuable resource for project leaders, community organizations, and grant recipients.

Visit now to access a wide range of business document templates, including project plans, funding proposals, and grant applications. Take control of your community project and plan for its successful exit with our professionally crafted template!

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