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What is a commemorative speech? How do you start a commemorative speech? Download this Commemorative speech template now for your reference.

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Commemorative speeches are often considered to be "ceremonial" or "epideictic" speeches. In general, commemorative speeches pay tribute or praise a person, an institution, an event, idea, or place and celebrates these values.

What is a commemorative speech? How do you start a commemorative speech?

A commemorative speech might be addressing anyone or, indeed, anything. It can be understandably difficult to start writing with so little to go on. We've assembled a few examples of how to address particular subjects that might be of use to you.
  • About a Colleague or Supervisor: Whether you're giving a speech about someone you work with or work for, the approach is largely the same. Keep the tone professional, with just a short anecdote or two for sweetening. Focus on specifics. Why does this person mean so much to you?
  • About a Friend: In terms of tone, this sits between what you might write about a work colleague and what you might write about a parent. You can share a few stories, but you should also focus on the real, concrete importance of this person in your life. It's also very easy for a speech about a friend to turn into a speech about yourself. Focus on their accomplishments, not your own.
  • About a Parent: No one expects a speech about one of your parents to be dry and clinical. Don't shy away from an anecdote or two, and don't be afraid to tug on some heartstrings.
  • About Someone in the Room: This is hard mode. You have to strike a balance between funny, respectful, and detailed. Restrain the urge to acknowledge the person or make them accept a round of applause. At most, do it once. Ideally, not at all. Speak as best you can as if they weren't there, sharing what they mean to you.
  • About Someone Who Has Passed: Obviously, respect and restraint are called for here. At the same time, you should honor the effect this person had on your life. Engage the audience: talk about events you all might have shared with the person, or aspects of their life you all knew about.
Download this Commemorative speech for students now.

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