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A fundraising letter is typically a single-page document that details your nonprofit's needs. It also tells your donor how they can help, and thanks to them for their involvement. You can send fundraising letters routinely throughout the year, as part of an annual push, a few months ahead of an event, or during a special campaign.

How do you write a Fundraising letter?

When writing a fundraising letter, consider the following:

  • A personal story or hook. For example, recount a story about an individual that will benefit from your project, possibly including a quote. For example, for a project that is providing books to low-income children, you might include a quote from a child who likes to read and would like to have access to more books.
  • A description of your project or event and what you expect the impact to be on your community when this project is completed. This is your reason for writing a letter. For example, if you are creating a community garden to teach children how to grow vegetables and to encourage healthy eating, you can explain why this is an issue (lack of healthy food alternatives) in your community and ways in which your garden will help to address that issue (helping people learn how to plant and tend gardens to provide healthy food choices).  This makes for a good story and provides a clear reason for your prospective donor to support your project.
  • Be clear about the costs associated with the project, and how donations of specific amounts can make a difference.  Be sure to include:
    • A reminder of your group’s overall mission and how your current appeal fits into it. Tie your appeal to your group’s purpose and goals.
    • A request for a donation (as well as for volunteer help, if appropriate).
    • A clear message regarding how their support will help to   make your project or event happen

    Sample fundraising letter:

    Dear {{Donor’s Name}},

    Begin with an emotional appeal. A success story or a narrative that tugs on your donors’ heartstrings hook your readers. Keep it short, though!

    Our community/nation/world is facing {{problem(s) your organization is trying to fix}}. While we are actively {{insert current solutions, your organization is attempting}}, we need your help to make our efforts go even further!

    You can help us {{solve the problem you’re trying to fix}}. Your support is crucial to our efforts to {{solve the problem}}. If you are able, we’d love it if you could make a donation of {{amount}} to help us achieve our mission and {{solve problem}}.

    Thank you in advance for your contribution. Your donation will go toward {{insert effort, accomplishment, or project}}.

    Here are the ways you can make a donation:

    Donate online at {{URL to donation page or crowdfunding campaign page}}

    Call us at {{phone number}}

    Send a check in the pre-stamped envelope we’ve included {{no cash, please!}}

    Text {{keyword}} to {{text-to-give phone number}}

    Thank you again!

    When writing a fundraising letter or request for donation, make sure to have a look at this effective request letter. After downloading this sample letter and filling in the blanks, you can easily customize the style, typography, details, and appearance of your Fundraising letter. If this isn't the right template that you are looking for, then certainly take a look at the other letters that has to offer. We have many letters ranging from cover letters to business letters and thank you notes.

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