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A waiver release document is a commonly used legal document that is the proof of all clearance charges on the client which are due to be paid to the contractor. It is a legal document that is handed over to the client after all dues have been waived and payments have been released to the contractor. A waiver release form is a brief document used for legal purposes that is why it must be written with care. If a waiver release agreement is signed between two parties, then any of the parties are not allowed to take legal action against the other party in any case. This context includes enough information which you need to know about a waiver release form. 

What are the types of lien waivers?

There are many types of lien release forms. One is a conditional lien waiver while the other is an unconditional lien waiver release form. These two forms are further classified under the categories of final payment and progressive payment. An unconditional lien waiver can be made with final payment as well as progressive payment. The same is the case for the conditional waiver. So, we can list the types as:

  1. Unconditional lien with final payment
  2. Unconditional lien with progressive payment
  3. Conditional lien waiver with final payment
  4. Conditional lien waiver with progressive payment

Producing and writing these forms can be a little difficult for a person. These lien waiver forms are usually requested by the client from the contractor so that he knows that the contractor has received all the due payments and the bills have also been cleared. Below are attached some lien release forms for your help and ease. 

Sample contractor waiver release form:

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned Contractor hereby waives, discharges, and releases any and all liens, claims, and rights to liens against the above-mentioned project, and any and all other property owned by or the title to which is in the name of the above-referenced Owner and against any and all funds of the Owner appropriated or available for the construction of the said project, and any and all warrants drawn upon or issued against any such funds or monies, which the undersigned Contractor may have or may hereafter acquire or possess as a result of the furnishing of labor, materials, and/or equipment, and the performance of Work by the Contractor on or in connection with said project, whether under and pursuant to the above-mentioned contract between the Contractor and the Owner pertaining to said project or otherwise, and which said liens, claims or rights of lien may arise and exist.

Here is attached a sample contractor waiver release form for your help and ease. Download this form and make changes to it as per your requirement and criteria. If you find this form helpful, then share it with your friends in need as well. Provide your valuable feedback in the comments below. Head to our main site to get some useful information.  

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