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A cover letter is a letter that contains your achievements and qualifications you earned throughout your life. The cover letter serves as a deciding part of your job application. You must write it in a professional way. In this context, we will guide you on how you can write an impressive and effective cover letter.

How do I write an application letter for a vacant position?

A cover letter emphasizes your motivation for a certain position and is often accompanying your resume when applying for a job with a company. It can help create a favorable first impression of you as a suitable candidate and may play a decisive role in getting you selected for a job interview. When writing cover letters for technical positions, be sure to include technical details without complicating the work. Remember, the reader wants to understand what you know, particularly what programs and languages and how they related to your job. They do not need a crash course in it. Here are mentioned some worthy tips to follow while writing a cover letter:

  1. Follow the job description terminology.
  2. Avoid mentioning information that has nothing to do with the job description or the recruiting organization. Even when you mention your hobbies, consider those that are more relevant for the position.
  3. Describe your previous work-related or study experiences related to the job title. Support experience with facts and avoid unnecessary explanations.
  4. Write about your personality and the purpose of a cover letter in the first section. Mention if you came to know about the vacant seat from an already working member of the organization. This will make a positive impact on you in the eye of the recruiter. 
  5. Choose an appropriate professional-looking format. You can choose the one provided by us on our website. 
  6. Begin and close with a formal and polite greeting to make a courteous impression of yours. 
  7. Explain why you are the perfect choice for this job.

Cover letters

No one got time in this busy world to write an effective cover letter. That is why we got our professional writers to write these cover letters for you. Below are mentioned some effective cover letter samples written according a professional cover letter layout. You can choose any of these you want and download it for free from our website. Below is attached a list that you can easily follow while writing a cover letter. for your ease, we will also provide some cover letter samples at the end. 


This part includes the address, line by line, with the proper dates, and:

  • Your personal Information; You need to write your name and email address at the top of the letter. this email address doesn’t mean to be your postal address. Instead, it should be for virtual contact purposes. Make sure that the email you attach in your cover letter looks professional. One of the best options of a professional email address is to write your personal name in the address instead of any other irrelevant name. There are many email online websites, in case you don’t have an email, you can always create a free email account on the respective professional websites.
  • Company’s recipient; After writing your personal mail, write the company’s address and subject. The subject of a cover letter decides and reflects what the letter is about. So make sure to be professional in creating a first impression.


Introductory lines are the most important lines of a cover letter. Introductory lines are the first impression. These lines include the purpose of your letter. You can choose any of these sample lines for your ease.

  • During your search assignments, you may have a need for an organized and goal-directed {{job title}}. My present position provides me with the qualifications and experience vital to successfully realize such a position.
  • I am forwarding my CV as I understand that you specialize in the {{industry Name}} profession and have helped numerous professionals before in landing great jobs in the market.
  • I am submitting my resume for the above post for your kind perusal. My education as well as vast work experience has prepared me for a professional business environment. I adapt easily to organizational conditions and remain committed to excellence.
  • As a highly skilled & competent individual with {{Number of years}} years of work experience as part of a team as well as a team leader, I am writing to express my strong interest in working for your Company. I believe my experience & qualification will certainly make me a valuable addition.

Body/main text

The body part of a letter is the most important part of any letter’s content. This part serves to be the deciding part in a job letter for whether you are getting a job or not.

  • Mention the purpose of the letter; In the next step, you must mention why are you sending this letter. it includes the job details for which you are writing the letter.
  • List your qualifications and achievements; Make sure you properly relate your qualifications and experience with the current job you are applying to. This really makes a good impression of yours in front of your expected boss.
  • Why you are a perfect fit for the job; You must write why you are the perfect fit for the job. This part serves the most in getting you selected for the interview.
  • Write acknowledgments; In the conclusion of the letter, thank them for providing a chance to apply for the job. Pay your regards and write for the hopes you have from the company.
  • My experience as {{job title}} is, I believe, readily adaptable to your needs. I have spent {{Number of years}} in {{industry}} positions best described as 'doing whatever has to be done' and have capitalized on my capability to undertake a large and widely varied range of responsibilities, to learn quickly, and to find effective solutions to issues throughout. My years of experience have also provided me with a rare compassion for the requirements of {{clients/staff/seniors}}. I have significant PC experience and I am totally computer literate. I have been told my verbal and written communication skills are exceptional.
  • Highlights of my achievements in {{industry}} include the following: List of important achievements, qualifications, and career highlights
  • Working as {{job title}} for many {{industry Name}} firms during the past {{Number of years}}. I have faith that all this experience will enable me to manage any relevant position very successfully. I possess the management, marketing, computer, and people-orientated skills that will have a very positive impact on this firm.
  • My experience and accomplishments in {{industry Name}} include:
  • I am result oriented and possess leadership qualities and effective inter-personal skills. Besides, as a person, I have established a reputation for being highly trustworthy, motivated, and efficient. I conduct myself in a manner consistent with management and its policies regarding work ethics.
  • I consider sincerity in work and honesty in all dealings as essential criteria for success. Hard work and strong ethical values are the foundations on which my approach is built on.
  • Teamwork and group communications, I feel, one an integral part of a good workforce and I strive my best to work together while remaining independent in the completion of set tasks.
  • I am currently seeking new job prospects in an appropriate position, compatible with my qualifications and experience, and would welcome the opportunity to further discuss how I am best suited to meet the needs of your esteemed organization.
  • I am apt in providing timely, efficient, and accurate results. Moreover, while my on-the-job experience has afforded me skillset & accurate decision-making abilities I am endowed with:
    •  Strong organizational and analytical skills.
    • Ability to produce consistently accurate results.
    • Ability to multitask and manage conflicting demands.
  • In addition to my experience & personal qualities, I have a solid education foundation with an eye for perfection. I am extremely enthusiastic about working for your company and would welcome the opportunity to contribute to your business growth.

Complimentary close

Do not forget to write acknowledgments to the recipient for getting a chance to apply in a job application as well as compliment them for taking some time out and reading your job application.

  • Please review my attached resume for additional details regarding my expertise and career achievements.
  • The attached summary details some of my accomplishments. I look forward to hearing from you to talk about any commonly beneficial opportunities. Please sense free to pass my CV to others who may have a need for my professional assistance.
  • I have enclosed my CV for your review. Should you be conducting a search for someone with my background at the present time or soon, I would greatly appreciate your consideration. I would be happy to talk about my background more completely with you on the phone or at a personal interview.
  • Looking forward to your reply.
  • Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


There must be a signature of you in the letter. you can either sign after printing the document or maybe add a scanned signature in the word document. 

What to write In your cover letter? Freely download this Job application letter on new vacant seat. You can use and edit these documents in Microsoft Word format. If these letters are not according to your situations and needs, then please head on to our website for more letters.

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