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Free Printable Periodic Table

Do you require a periodic table? Download this printable periodic table that provides you with information about all the elements of chemistry in tabular format.

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Printable Periodic table of Elements PDF

The periodic table of elements (in short: periodic table) is a tabular display of the common chemical elements, which are arranged by atomic number, electron configuration, and recurring chemical properties. The structure of the table shows periodic trends. The 5-figure version is called the periodic table. This version is appropriate for most uses, in particular for school use and many university requirements. It lists the atomic weights to 5 significant figures, all that is needed for many purposes.

In this periodic table of elements, it is not shown how they relate to each other within the Periodic system. But you can find the specifications, such as:

  • metals, 
  • semi-conductor(s),
  • non-metal(s),
  • inert noble gas(ses),
  • Halogens,
  • Lanthanides,
  • Actinoids (rare earth elements), and
  • transition metals.

The first chemical element is Hydrogen and the last is Ununoctium, this is the list of elements according to their Atomic number:

1 Hydrogen H

2 Helium He

3 Lithium Li

4 Beryllium Be

5 Boron B

6 Carbon C

7 Nitrogen N

8 Oxygen O

9 Fluorine F

10 Neon Ne

11 Sodium Na

12 Magnesium Mg

13 Aluminum Al

14 Silicon Si

15 Phosphorus P

16 Sulfur S

17 Chlorine      Cl

18 Argon Ar

19 Potassium K

20 Calcium Ca

21 Scandium Sc

22 Titanium Ti

23 Vanadium V

24 Chromium Cr

25 Manganese Mn

26 Iron Fe

27 Cobalt Co

28 Nickel Ni

29 Copper Cu

30 Zinc Zn

31 Gallium Ga

32 Germanium Ge

33 Arsenic As

34 Selenium Se

35 Bromine Br

36 Krypton Kr

37 Rubidium Rb

38 Strontium Sr

39 Yttrium Y

40 Zirconium Zr

41 Niobium Nb

42 Molybdenum Mo

43 Technetium Tc

44 Ruthenium Ru

45 Rhodium Rh

46 Palladium Pd

47 Silver Ag

48 Cadmium Cd

49 Indium In

50 Tin Sn

51 Antimony Sb

52 Tellurium Te

53 Iodine I

54 Xenon Xe

55 Cesium Cs

56 Barium Ba

57 Lanthanum La

58 Cerium Ce

59 Praseodymium Pr

60 Neodymium Nd

61 Promethium Pm

62 Samarium Sm

63 Europium Eu

64 Gadolinium Gd

65 Terbium Tb

66 Dysprosium Dy

67 Holmium Ho

68 Erbium Er

69 Thulium Tm

70 Ytterbium Yb

71 Lutetium Lu

72 Hafnium Hf

73 Tantalum Ta

74 Tungsten W

75 Rhenium Re

76 Osmium Os

77 Iridium Ir

78 Platinum Pt

79 Gold Au

80 Mercury Hg

81 Thallium Tl

82 Lead Pb

83 Bismuth Bi

84 Polonium Po

85 Astatine At

86 Radon Rn

87 Francium Fr

88 Radium Ra

89 Actinium Ac

90 Thorium Th

91 Protactinium Pa

92 Uranium U

93 Neptunium Np

94 Plutonium Pu

95 Americium Am

96 Curium Cm

97 Berkelium Bk

98 Californium Cf

99 Einsteinium Es

100 Fermium Fm

101 Mendelevium Md

102 Nobelium No

103 Lawrencium Lr

104 Rutherfordium Rf

105 Dubnium Db

106 Seaborgium Sg

107 Bohrium Bh

108 Hassium Hs

109 Meitnerium Mt

110 Darmstadtium Ds

111 Roentgenium Rg

112 Copernicium Cn

113 Nihonium Nh

114 Flerovium Fl

115 Moscovium Mc

116 Livermorium Lv

117 Tennessine Ts

118 Oganesson Og

These files include the latest IUPAC values. This printable periodic table is also optimized to fit on a single sheet of paper, without the colors or element groups.

Download this Printable Periodic table of Elements PDF now to print off your own copy.

If you are looking for a great online periodic table we recommend you to visit our Periodic Table Excel or ptable.

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