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Generate Employee Paystubs & Track Overtime | Applicable for all industries

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As an employer, it is essential to provide accurate and timely pay stubs to your employees. A pay stub is a document that summarizes an employee's pay for a particular period, including their regular pay, applicable deductions, and taxes. It ensures that the employee understands how much they earned and how much was deducted, providing transparency and building trust.

Why Do You Need a Paystub?

A pay stub serves multiple purposes for both employees and employers. Here are some reasons why a pay stub is necessary:

  • The Pay and Overtime: The pay stub clearly outlines an employee's regular pay and any overtime pay, ensuring they receive correct compensation for their work.
  • Applicable Deductions: The pay stub states any applicable deductions, such as taxes, social security, insurance premiums, or retirement contributions, providing transparency to the employee.
  • Proof of Income: A pay stub is a legal document that can serve as proof of income, which employees may need when applying for loans, credit, or new jobs.
  • Budgeting and Record-Keeping: An employee can use the pay stub to budget their finances and track their earnings accurately. Meanwhile, employers can keep records of payments and deductions for financial planning and compliance purposes.

How to Create a Pay Stub?

Creating a pay stub manually can be time-consuming and prone to errors. An easier and more efficient option is to use a pay stub generator like the Paystub app, available on The app enables you to create professional pay stubs quickly and easily.

To create a pay stub through the Paystub app:

  1. Login to your account in the Paystub app.
  2. Select the employee for whom you want to generate a pay stub.
  3. Enter the pay period and pay rate for the employee.
  4. Enter the applicable deductions, such as taxes, insurance, or contribution.
  5. Verify the pay and deductions amounts and preview the pay stub before downloading it.

The Paystub app generates pay stubs in PDF format, making it easy to share or save them securely. You can download and print the pay stub or send it directly to your employee through email.

Get Your Pay Stub Download Today

Download the Paystub app from today and take the hassle out of creating pay stubs. Say goodbye to manual calculations and complicated spreadsheets, and give your employees a clear and professional pay stub that reflects their earnings accurately. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, the Paystub app can help streamline your payroll process and keep your employees informed and satisfied.

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