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Letter of Introduction

How do I write letter of introduction? Download this template to help you make your letter of introduction

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How to write an introduction letter?

Follow these steps when drafting an introduction letter:

1. Write a greeting

To start the letter, in a thoughtful way you have to write a short greeting that opens the letter in. Here, you will include their name on the first line, followed by a friendly start.

2. Include a sentence on why you’re writing

Provide any necessary situation that will help the reader understand why you are making an introduction and why it involves them.

3. Present the full name of the person you’re introducing

Be sure to include their first and last name and any important titles that might help the reader.

4. Explain their role and how it is relevant to the reader

Writing a short summary explaining the position and purpose of the person you’re introducing. Include their title, then a brief summary of what they do and how they have been successful as it relates to the reader.

5. Provide information on how they might work together or be helpful for each other

Next, briefly explain how and why you are making the introduction. For example, they might be working closely in the future or could find the other’s skilled helpful in their own work.

6. Include any necessary contact information

It is a good idea to include the email of the person you’re introducing in the “CC” line so your audience can reference it. If you feel there is the additional contact information that is essential, you should include it here as well.

7. Close with any next steps or other necessary details

Conclude your introduction letter with any actions that need to be taken by you, the reader, or the person you’re introducing. Make sure you are clear by referencing the person you’re speaking to by name.

8. Sign off with your name and title

End your email with a professional sign-off like “Thanks,” or “Sincerely.” Then, include your full name, title, and contact information as needed.

Sample Letter of Introduction:

Dear {{Name of Recipient}},

{{Indicate that you are writing to introduce a specific individual or business to them. Provide their name and specifics about how you know them. (Worked together, worked for you, purchased from the, etc)}}.

{{Provide additional details about the individual or business you are introducing. Include specifics about what they are doing why you are introducing them, and what kind of assistance they may request, or how they may be of service}}.

{{Close by providing contact information for the individual or business. You may also choose to provide a resume if it is job-related. Make sure to end by thanking the individual for their time and assistance}}.

Yours sincerely,

Download this letter sample in order to help you write a letter of introduction

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