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A news article template is a good way to help you draft the perfect news article. It's handy for when you're just starting out and need to a good starting point or are looking for a template for your school newspaper or a project. It gives you all the essentials that a short news article needs.

How do you write a news article?

1: Define the news and skip the beginning

In everyday life, you usually tell stories in chronological order. But if you are going to write a news item, you skip the beginning. When you come up with the first line and the headline, you're just asking yourself one question: What's the most remarkable information I have? In other words: what is the most important news? With this information you start the message, even if it sometimes feels a bit unnatural.

2: Write the lead, choose from the 5ws and h

Once you've written the first sentence of your news article, write one or two more sentences in the same paragraph to draw the reader into the story. This paragraph is called the lead of the news story. To determine what comes in the lead, you use 6 questions that you ask about the most important news: who? what? true? when? Why? how? These six questions are often indicated by the mnemonic 'the five w's and h'.

3: Stimulate your reader

A lead is not just a summary of facts. With the first paragraph of your news item you inform, but you also want to arouse curiosity. Therefore, do not answer all questions from the '5w's and h' in the lead.

4: Don't forget your sources

The reader must always be able to find the source of the information in a news item. Anyone can write down that a chimpanzee robbed a baby from a pram at the airport. But who actually says that? And is the information reliable?

After downloading this newspaper template and filling in the blanks, you can easily customize the style, typography, details, and appearance of your news article template. If this isn't the right document you are looking for, then certainly take a look at the other letters that offers. We have many job descriptions for several positions, as well as resumes, career objectives, etc.

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