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Body Fat Percentage Report

What are different methods to measure the body fat percentage? Find out those methods and download Body Fat Percentage Report right now!

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Body fat means body fat reserves present in the body. Our body stores fats from the food we eat in the form of fat reserves which can be later on used for energy production. The body fat reserves also act as insulations and also protect the body by absorbing the physical shocks. The body needs a desired level of fats to live and survive, but an excessive amount of fat can lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart-related diseases. The amount of essential fat is different for men and women, it is usually 10 to 13% in women and 2 to 5% in men. However, the normal range of body fat percentage for women is 21 to 33% and for men is 8 to 19% typically.

What are different methods to measure the body fat percentage?

The body fat percentage can be measured by calculating the circumference of various parts of the body. A tape can be used to measure it. For a more accurate calculation of body fat percentage, it is preferred to the measurement of the circumference of the waist and neck. For females, the circumference of the hips should also be measured.

  1. BIM (Body circumference measurements);
  2. Hydrostatic weighing;
  3. BIS (Bioelectrical impedance analysis);
  4. Bioimpedance spectroscopy;
  5. DXA (Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry);
  6. Skinfold calipers;
  7. EIM (Electrical impedance myography);
  8. Air displacement plethysmography (bod pot).

These are some methods to measure the body fat percentage. 

Here is attached a sample body fat percentage report. Download body fat percentage report right now from! Good luck!

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