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Posted Wednesday, December 15, 2021 by Jan Steen (Last modified Wednesday, December 15, 2021)

Below is a comprehensive list of job websites per state in the U.S. These job portal websites help both employer and candidate to connect more locally. Often job postings are available on these websites that you won't find on the job sites at a national level. Be one of the first! This is an initial list per state. This post contains only contains the first 10 states (alphabetically). In the next post, we will inform you about the next 10 states. Also check out the professional job description and CV templates available on this website. Click on the name to visit the website. 

Are the owner of a job portal website and would like to be added to the list? Feel free to contact us.

State Name + URL
Alabama Alabama Works
Alaska Help wanted Alaska
Arizona Arizona Network
Arkansas Jobs Arkansas
California LA Jobs Portal
Colorado Connecting Colorado
Connecticut CT Jobs
Delaware Delaware Works
Florida Career Source Florida
Georgia Georgia Government