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A clear and engaging job description is key to attract and hire the right talent. By putting sufficient attention,  effort and strategy, you can create a highly effective job description to have suitable candidates apply right away. To create an effective job description for a job position, you must include a mix of required skills, a realistic description of the role, the company’s culture, and a tad bit of marketing.

What are the essentials of a good job description?

All the components of a job description must be stated clearly and accurately. The following hints can further assist in the process of creating a detailed yet concise document that makes understanding the role easier.

  • Always adopt a direct style and use easy words, keeping the sentences as short and easy to understand as possible. 
  • Avoid using acronyms as not everyone is familiar with them
  • Try using as many descriptive verbs as possible such as “provides,” “performs,” etc.
  • While it is important to use descriptive verbs, they must not be used ambiguously. Therefore if you choose to use the word “assists,” also clarify how the position would assist.
  • Make sure to not use gender-specific language such as “he should” or “she should”.