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Refund Letter to Customer

How to write a letter to the customer for a refund? Download this Refund letter template and send it to unsatisfied customers directly.

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A refund letter to the customer is a letter that is written to make an apology to the customer and providing a refund of money as the result of a mistake made by the organization. Brands and companies need to maintain their standards. Sometimes bad things may happen when a customer must face trouble because of the company. In that, you may want to write an apology letter and offer the customer a refund of the product he/she faced had trouble buying. In this context, we will guide you about how you can write a letter to the customer for a refund.

How to write a letter to the customer for a refund?

Below are mentioned some tips which you can follow while writing a refund letter to the customer:

  1. In the introductory part of the letter, write about the purpose of your letter for example in our case it will be a refund letter.
  2. Make an apology to the customer for the trouble she/he had to face in the shopping for a certain product. 
  3. Explain the reason for the trouble to the customer.
  4. Accept the mistake generously and offer the customer a full or half refund (whatever applicable).
  5. State when this refund will be processed.
  6. End the letter by welcoming them again to your brand/business. Pay your sincerest apologies for the loss which the customer had to face.

Sample letter of a refund to a customer:

Companies have a lot of work to do other than writing a refund letter each time they had to face an unsatisfied customer. Instead of making a new letter every time, a general refund letter might be a good option that results in time-saving. Check out this sample refund letter to the customer:


On behalf of everyone at the Company, I would like to apologize for the trouble you had experienced with us recently. This comes as a shock to me given the attention we devote to every client and every transaction. This is not at all usual and this incident will not pass un-scrutinized.

We have taken many steps to narrow down the causes of this mistake and found out that {{state the cause of the error}} This is clearly our mistake and we take full responsibility for it. 

To fix this situation and regain your confidence in us, we will refund your money in full as a token of our sincere regret. I hope this adjustment fulfills your expectations and demonstrates how important you and every single customer is for us.

Your feedback was essential to realize this flow in our system and we are taking all the necessary precautions to eliminate this and similar issues from happening again.

Thank you for sharing your feedback which we deeply appreciate. We value your opinion and see it as an opportunity to learn and improve. 

Yours sincerely,

Download this Refund letter template from our website and after some necessary modifications according to your requirements, you may submit this letter directly. Head towards our website for the more helpful content. 

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