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What should I post on social media for Christmas? Download this set of sample social media posts and personalize them in 1 minute and post on Facebook, LinkedIn

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An effective Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy starts with a good idea and a good planning. Timing your posts is vital when doing promotion for your goods or services online. By using a professional Social Media Plan and Social Media postings, you can be guaranteed of success. When you use professional looking posts, with catchy phrases or intelligent quotes, you are already ahead of the curve. It saves time, and by editing this SMM posting template, you will be able to attract suitable customers for your business.

What should I post on social media for Christmas?

As soon as the month of December, at the end of the year during Christmas and New year, it's tradition to wish each other best wishes and to host memorable Christmas events. We all anticipate the arrival of Christmas and other festivities. Christmas is coming and it's common to wish people a Merry Christmas. For most people it's one of the finest times in the year. But also it can be demanding and a bit time-consuming. Still, it's also a highly important moment to show you care for the people you work or live with. A quick fix is this Christmas SMM posts set that allows for sending mindful best wishes, that makes them appreciate working with you more. Use our Merry Christmas SMM posting template for the finishing touch!

Having ready-made Christmas social postings ready, gives you more time to think about the message that you want to send along with it. If you need some inspiration, feel free to download this printable Christmas list template now and use it to your benefit.

How do I organize my social media content?

A Social Media Planner is a great tool that allows you to design and think about the message that you want to send, on crucial moments in the market. For example for New Years day. If you need a stunning 2022 Happy New Year Social Media template, than you are at the right place.  Let's toast to yesterday's achievements and tomorrow's bright future! Wishing you a fresh start with renewed energy and confidence throughout the New Year. May you have a joyous 2022! 

When you plan your annual Social Media Plan, it's important to define:

  • How many postings you will do per year, and per month;
  • On which platforms you will post;
  • Who is the owner of the activity and responsible for posting the message in time;
  • Who is accountable for the SMM strategy.

How to say Merry Christmas in another language?

  • Merry Christmas - English
  • Frohlich Weihnachten - German
  • Vrolijk Kerstmis - Dutch
  • Sarbatori Fericite / Crăciun fericit- Romanian
  • 圣诞节快乐 (Shèngdàn jié kuàilè) / Tin Hao Nian  - Mandarin Chinese
  • Joyeux Noël - French
  • Felice Natale / Buon Natale - Italian
  • Feliz Natal - Portuguese
  • Feliz Navidad - Spanish
  • Kinga Shinnen - Japanese
  • Glad Julen / Glædelig Jul - Danish
  • メリークリスマス - Japanese
  • God jul - Norwegian
  • عيد ميلاد مجيد - Arabic
  • Belarusian З Калядамі
  • Veselé Vánoce - Czech
  • Čestit Božić - Croatian
  • Häid jõule - Estonian
  • Hauskaa joulua - Finnish
  • Χαρούμενα Χριστούγεννα (Greek)
  • Schastlivogo Rozhdestva! / частливого Рождества! - Russian
  • 메리 크리스마스 - Korean
  • Priecīgus Ziemassvētkus - Latvian
  • Linksmų šv. Kalėdų - Lithuanian
  • Среќен Божиќ - Macedonian
  • Wesołych Świąt! - Polish
  • Srećan Božić - Serbian
  • Kirismas Wanaagsan - Somali
  • Heri ya krismas - Swahili
  • God jul - Swedish
  • Ukrainian Веселого Різдва

With all this information, you are set to start making your own personal Social Media Marketing plan. Never forget: professional marketing is important to create awareness for your specialty, and to let your organization grow. This X-mas Social Media Posting will help you achieve your goals. By simply customize it according to your needs, and then publish it directly on your Social Media channels, you will strengthen your brand and gain more awareness. 

Now, save this post so you never run out of ideas again! Download this set of sample social media posts and personalize them in 1 minute and post on Facebook, LinkedIn and which is also fully customizable in PowerPoint and Google Slides format. Also have a look at many of our other examples of Social Media Postings here.

Wish you a merry Christmas!

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